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Car accident victims paid millions by state of California

It is expected for motorists to use their best judgment while driving. It's usually even more expected when employees that work for the state are behind the wheel. There have been cases where California state employees have been involved in a car accident. The state has reached multiple million dollar settlements with victims and their families.

Woman who fell out of LAPD cruiser files suit

To Serve and Protect are slogans that emphasize the Los Angeles Police Department. But the "protect" part of that slogan didn't go as planned for a woman who, after being arrested, fell out of a moving patrol car, an incident for which she now plans to sue on many fronts including personal injury.

California car accident fatal for 2 victims

Two people are dead and a further two are seriously injured following a fatal crash in the Santa Maria Valley on Aug. 29. California Highway Patrol reports are incomplete as of this writing, but it appears the car accident involved a car and a fork lift. The investigation is ongoing, and no charges have yet been filed in connection with this case.

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