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Devastating auto collision kills 1, injures 3 in California

A minivan was parked on the shoulder of California Highway 85 on the afternoon of April 21, when the driver of an oncoming vehicle suddenly saw a large brown cloud. Barely a fraction of a mile away, she had just witnessed a devastating auto collision. The crash killed a young girl who was strapped into her booster seat. Her brother and mother were also injured.

California car accident recalled by sole surviving victim

It is possible that the only reason a California man survived a horrific crash was because his was not the first vehicle hit by a suspected drunk driver. As it is, the sole surviving victim suffered non-life threatening injuries not only from the impact, but also from pieces of his vehicle's interior that were imbedded in his body. Six other people died in the tragic car accident.

Auto accident kills 3 sisters, injures another

Our California readers are well aware of how dangerous the roadways in the state can be. Even when you are being careful, it is impossible to know what others are doing. A recent auto accident in Fresno County killed three sisters and led to another, the fourth sister, being sent to the hospital for treatment.

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