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Rider dies, others injured in California motorcycle accident

A recent multi-vehicle accident that occurred near Clearlake Oaks, California proved fatal for one motorcycle rider. The fatal motorcycle accident also caused injuries to several other people and even caused a minor brush fire. According to reports, the deadly crash happened around 9 p.m. and involved several vehicles, including the motorcycle. Emergency responders arrived to the scene of the collision where Highway 20 and Catholic Church Road meet.

Man struck by debris, dies in California motorcycle accident

A recent fatal motorcycle accident prompted a California official to remind people that May will mark Motorcycle Awareness Month, and to urge caution in watching out for motorcyclists when taking to the streets and highways. The motorcycle accident happened when a truck traveling southbound on a California freeway lost control and smashed into the center median. Debris that was kicked up from the collision then fatally struck a motorcyclist who was driving in the northbound lane of traffic.

Man killed, woman injured in deadly California car accident

Stopping after a California car accident is not just a good idea, it is typically a requirement. Failing to stop at a car accident involving injuries can often result in criminal actions being taken against a driver who is found to have been responsible for causing the incident. This appears to be the case for one California man who apparently caused a fatal accident that claimed the life of a 71-year-old man and left his wife of the same age suffering from major injuries.

California motorcycle accident kills man after earlier collision

Multiple-vehicle car accidents can often prove particularly damaging, especially to any motorcyclists who are unexpectedly caught up in a collision. One recent motorcycle accident resulted in the potentially wrongful death of a man who came upon an earlier accident scene. He was unable to avoid crashing his motorcycle into one of the cars that was involved in that earlier crash.

California sees disturbing rise in motorcycle accident deaths

One recent report indicates that the state of California is witnessing a disturbing trend in the number of motorcycle deaths taking place each year. For the two-year period from 2009 to 2010, California saw a sharp drop in the number of motorcycle accident fatalities. Unfortunately, however, that drop has reversed and the number of motorcycle-related fatalities is once more on the rise.

California man killed in motorcycle accident

Many people love to ride motorcycles on U.S. roadways, but unfortunately traffic collisions often prove catastrophic for the riders of motorcycles, if not fatal. One recent motorcycle accident resulted in the untimely death of a young California man earlier this month. He lost his life while riding his motorcycle after a car attempted to make a turn in front of him.

Los Angeles officer injured in hit-and-run motorcycle accident

A Los Angeles motorcycle officer was injured earlier this month in a hit-and-run accident that threw him from his motorcycle into the roadway. He was headed to his second job at the Hollywood Bowl (where he directs traffic) when a dark colored car side-swiped his motorcycle and sent him flying toward the center divider. The vehicle that struck him did not remain on the scene of the motorcycle accident.

California woman killed in motorcycle crash

In automobile accidents involving motorcycles, it is not always the collision of two vehicles that causes a serious injury or a death. One recent California motorcycle accident, for example, occurred when the motorcyclist lost control of her vehicle and crashed. She was thrown onto the highway where she was then struck by a pickup truck that fled the scene.

Motorcycle accident: 1 dead, 4 injured near Lemoore

The California Highway Patrol was still investigating on June 9 a fatal motorcycle accident that had occurred the day before involving several Navy personnel. The motorcycle accident resulted in one death and minor injuries to four individuals. The investigation is presumably ongoing, and police have not disclosed what party or parties may have been at fault in the accident.

Woman dies in recent motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are small vehicles compared to other vehicles that share the road. Drivers of these bikes may feel empowered by their small size, believing they have greater flexibility on the roads than larger vehicles due to their ability to navigate smaller spaces with greater ease. However, this is not always the case, and a motorcycle accident can happen with the same frequency as any other automobile accident. One California couple was tragically involved in a fatal motorcycle accident in Southern California near Julian on May 19.

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