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Slow reacting smoke detectors could cost you your life

Late one night, a woman wakes from a dead sleep. The air around her is smoky, choking her every breath. Immediately, her feet fly out from under the covers. She knows what's happening; her house is on fire. But where is the piercing beep of her smoke detectors? How long has the fire been burning?

Loose seats on planes cause dangers for passengers

Of the top fears that people have reported around the world, flying is one of the top ten. The main factor for people revolves around malfunctions that can occur with the planes themselves. People in California and across the nation expect that when they step foot on a flight that their plane has been thoroughly inspected and is otherwise safe to fly.

Buckyballs is sued after children swallow product

Did you know that there is something in your home that may serve as a dangerous hazard to your children? The maker of the popular desk item Buckyballs has been sued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission after dozens of cases have emerged where children have swallowed the magnetic balls and have required surgery to remove them and repair internal damage.

Defective stage caddie claims the life of a 3-year-old

In California, many buildings that host events own transportable stages and related equipment for entertainment purposes. Such venues, such as churches or schools, may be interested to know that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the product recall of one company's stage and riser caddies because of risk of injuries and fatalities. According to a news release from the CPSC, the recall of the defective product was made in cooperation with the manufacturer, Midwest Folding Products.

Kia Motors sued for defective seats

As many California residents know, some car collisions are simply unavoidable. Even if we are safe drivers, sometimes, the negligence of another motorist will induce an accident. Fortunately, if we are involved in a serious accident, we have some security knowing that our vehicles are designed to protect us.

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