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California train-car collision could have caused serious injuries

California drivers are likely aware of how devastating a crash between a train and an automobile can be. Trains are huge forces that can cause serious injuries and even death when involved in collisions. Unfortunately, not all accidents of this type can be avoided.

One recent California train accident may be an example of this. A BMW was struck by an oncoming train, propelled into another vehicle, and finally struck a tree after being pushed into it by the train. The drivers of both vehicles, one of whom was a pregnant woman, were taken to the hospital, both with non-life-threatening injuries. In total six people were sent to the hospital following the crash. The cause of the car accident was not clear in the immediate aftermath of the incident. This crash comes just two months after a similar accident that turned fatal.

Study: Poor Patients Less Likely to File Medmal Claims

A recently released study indicates that poorer patients are less likely to file medical malpractice claims than wealthier patients. The study, which was published in Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, goes against the belief of some physicians that lower income patients are more likely to complain about the care that they receive.

Researchers are worried about the "unconscious bias" that some physicians have against low income patients and fear that doctors may be reluctant to treat these patients based on the misperception.

Employment Laws Violated by Employers

California is among the states that see a higher-than-average number of federal class actions brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and these types of cases outnumber all other private class actions in this area of the law. Surprisingly, many of the FLSA and other employment cases stem from a lack of knowledge and compliance with employment laws by employers.

Child carrier is recalled due to fingertip injuries

California residents would agree that it is alarming when products are recalled for safety reasons. One can be severely harmed by a defective item. What is even more upsetting is when these products are for children. That is exactly the case in a recent recall. A child seat is being stripped from consumers' shelves because it can potentially amputate babies' fingers.

In recent news, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of the Topeak Babyseat II Bicycle Carrier Seats. According to sources, a child might place his or her fingers in an opening at the grab bar's hinge. Specifically, when a parent lifts the grab bar to remove the child firm the seat, the baby's fingers can get caught in the mechanism. This serves as a danger to the child's fingertips.

How California drivers can learn from a woman's traumatic crash

Each year 1.7 million people suffer from some form of brain injury. These injuries can be devastating, and sometimes go unnoticed when victims don't realize their injuries are actually affecting their brains. The leading causes of these brain injuries across the nation are car and boat accidents, and the resulting brain injuries can range from a minor concussion to a more serious and traumatic injury.

In one example of the severity of these accidents, a recent car accident left a young California woman comatose and in need of brain surgery. She was driving with a friend when she came upon a previous collision. When she attempted to evade the accident, she struck another vehicle. She slipped into a coma following the crash.

Lawsuits fight global warming on behalf of young people

Water is a big deal in California. Consequently, there is an entire sub-specialty of California law dealing with water and other environmental issues, based in part on the notion that natural resources belong to everyone. This was bolstered by a 1983 U.S. Supreme Court decision in a California case that the government has a duty to protect the "people's common heritage" under the public trust doctrine.

Teenage girl dies after consuming 2 energy drinks

One afternoon, a 14-year-old girl was strolling around the mall with her friends. With some more shopping to go, she needed a kick that would help her power through the day. As a result, the teenager turned to an energy product. She consumed a couple of 24-ounce Monster drinks. When in need of a little push to get through the day, California residents tend to boost their systems with a quick energy beverage.

However, just one day after the girl consumed the product, she went into cardiac arrest. Doctors induced a coma to keep the teen's brain from expanding. Nevertheless, the 14-year-old never regained consciousness. Within six days, she had passed away.

Errant pickup truck kills baby, injures 2 at California bus stop

No one expects to be in immediate danger while waiting for the bus, which is something many people in Los Angeles do every day. Yet one California mother's life will never be the same after an unexpected motor vehicle accident occurred while she was waiting for a bus with her 18-month-old daughter. A pickup truck crashed into a bench near an El Monte bus stop. The collision killed the young girl, critically injured her mother and hurt a 12-year-old boy.

The accident occurred during the middle of a recent afternoon when a pickup truck inexplicably overshot a parking stall, drove over a planter and collided with the bench where the mother and baby daughter, along with the young boy, were waiting. It is not known if the boy is related to the others involved in the fatal accident.

Company Sells Product Despite FDA Rejection

Rejection by the United States Food and Drug Administration was not enough to stop one company from selling a product outside the U.S. The well-known company Johnson & Johnson continued to sell its defective DePuy hip implant overseas, including in Europe, despite the FDA ban on the sale of this device in the United States because of safety concerns. Because regulations overseas can differ significantly from those in the United States, the company can say that it operated fully within the law.

Kia Motors sued for defective seats

As many California residents know, some car collisions are simply unavoidable. Even if we are safe drivers, sometimes, the negligence of another motorist will induce an accident. Fortunately, if we are involved in a serious accident, we have some security knowing that our vehicles are designed to protect us.

However, in recent news, the family of a deceased woman says a faulty seat in a Kia Optima caused the death of their loved one. For this reason, the family has filed a lawsuit against Kia Motors America and Kia Motors Corporation for the auto defect. Johnson Controls and Weber Granite City Chevrolet Company are also named as defendants. Additionally, the driver and owner of the vehicle has filed suit against these defendants for her injuries, which were sustained in the same accident.

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