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California ambulance, garbage truck crash leaves 3 hospitalized

When we think of car or truck accidents, we rarely think of emergency vehicles. They are on the roads to help save people, right? However, they are not immune to the car accidents that can plague our streets and may sometimes result in more serious injuries if traveling at high rates of speed.

On April 23, a fire department ambulance collided with a garbage truck in Los Angeles. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but as is typically the nature of two-vehicle collisions, one of the drivers may be found at fault. The driver of the garbage truck, as well as two people who were in the ambulance, were taken to the hospital after the accident.

Man suffers a long-standing erection after a 4-hour motorcycle ride

We have all heard about some of the dangers or risks associated with riding a motorcycle. However, in recent news, a California man has sued BMW North America and a motorcycle-seat maker after a four-hour ride on his 1993 BMW motorcycle resulted in a long-lasting erection. In medical terms, the man has "a severe case of priapism." This condition has continued for approximately 20 months--and counting.

The lawsuit has been initiated against BMW and recognized seatmaker Corbin-Pacific. The case was filed in California Superior Court in San Francisco. In this product liability case, the man alleges that he has suffered from the erection problem since the fall of 2010.

Judge Rules That Taser Caused Wrongful Death

A federal judge recently upheld a jury's finding that a taser caused a North Carolina teen's wrongful death. Tasers are a popular law enforcement tool because tasers are non-deadly weapons that can immediately immobilize a person without the use of violent force. Unfortunately, it appears that in certain instances that tasers can bring about a person's death.

"This is a dangerous device," said the attorney who pursued the wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased teen's family. "Tasers, when they're shot into the chest, can cause cardiac sudden death and Taser failed to warn its users about that."

Evidence Shows Defective Hip Implant Phaseout

Medical device manufacturer Johnson & Johnson faces a variety of product liability lawsuits based on its DePuy ASR Hip Implants. The all-metal hip implants were inadequately tested before they were released for sale and experienced high failure rates.

Recently published documents indicate that the company decided to phase out its all-metal hip implants after receiving a nonapproval letter from the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA's letter pointed out that some patients had alarming levels of metal ions in their blood and that the safety data the company submitted was either incomplete, poorly assembled, or inconsistent with other less favorable studies.

Actos Lawsuit Alleges Drugmaker Was Aware of Adverse Effects

A recent whistleblower lawsuit alleges that drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. hid some of the adverse effects of its diabetes-drug Actos from federal regulators. The whistleblower alleges that the company was aware of a link between its dangerous prescription drug and hundreds of congested heart failure cases but opted not to report these events in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Adverse Event Reporting System.

"These events were not properly identified or reported in the FDA's safety database," the whistleblower alleges. "Takeda's motivation to fraudulently report and under-report the serious adverse events was driven by an economic desire to falsely enhance Actos's safety profile and to increase sales."

Warning: Your spicy tuna roll may have spicy Salmonella

Many California residents have had it. It usually starts with the food sweats and is followed by severe stomach pain. Food-poisoning cases generally fall under product liability laws. Any party in the product's chain of distribution, such as manufacturers, retailers and people in between, can potentially be held liable. Of course, it all depends on the source of contamination. Last week, two women filed a Salmonella lawsuit when they became extremely sick after eating sushi tuna rolls at a local restaurant.

"Nakaochi Scrape" is meat from the back of a fish that is cut off of the bones. This is added to products like ground yellowfin tuna that is used in sushi. However, recently, it has allegedly been linked to more than 140 Salmonella infections over the past two months. According to reports, the women who filed the suit ate sushi, which allegedly contained ground yellowfin tuna with Nakaochi Scrape.

California motorcycle fatalities decline, police still crack down

California is in the midst of a period of slight decline in motorcycle fatalities, as the number of deaths dropped 37 percent between 2009 and 2010. Compared to the 175 percent increase in motorcycle fatalities from 1998 to 2008, this change may be comforting to many California drivers, whether motorcyclists or otherwise. However, there is still more to be done to further prevent these devastating motorcycle accident fatalities.

Despite the recent decline in deaths related to motorcycle crashes, there were still 352 deaths caused by motorcycle accidents in California. Now, the Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation seeks to continue to reduce not only the rate of deaths, but the rate of collisions and injuries as well, by cracking down on both motorcyclists who are violating traffic laws as well as drivers of other vehicles violating these laws.

BMW set to issue another recall of its vehicles

When California residents invest in a luxurious car, they do not expect the expensive vehicle to have problems--especially safety issues. However, in recent news, BMW has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it will recall 2,846 of its 8- and 12-cylinder models because of a fire hazard.

On the company's website, it claimed that it was not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by the defective product; however, this statement has not been confirmed.

Medication Errors Linked to Wrongful Deaths, Injuries

A study into prescription errors indicates that medication errors are shockingly common and often lead to the wrongful death of patients. One study of Canadian hospitals found that one in 13 patients suffered from a medical malpractice and that a quarter of these medical errors were drug-related.

Pharmacists said that they believed that 10 to 15 percent of the drugs they filled had some error related to bad doctor handwriting or shortcuts in writing-out chemical names and dosages. New software may lessen this problem by allowing doctors to safely use abbreviations and double-check dosage recommendations.

California train-car collision could have caused serious injuries

California drivers are likely aware of how devastating a crash between a train and an automobile can be. Trains are huge forces that can cause serious injuries and even death when involved in collisions. Unfortunately, not all accidents of this type can be avoided.

One recent California train accident may be an example of this. A BMW was struck by an oncoming train, propelled into another vehicle, and finally struck a tree after being pushed into it by the train. The drivers of both vehicles, one of whom was a pregnant woman, were taken to the hospital, both with non-life-threatening injuries. In total six people were sent to the hospital following the crash. The cause of the car accident was not clear in the immediate aftermath of the incident. This crash comes just two months after a similar accident that turned fatal.

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