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Personal Injury Litigation May Arise out of NFL Bounty Scandal

Some sports law and personal injury attorneys believe that the recent NFL bounty scandal may result in personal injury litigation. The NFL scandal erupted earlier this spring when it came to light that the New Orleans Saints had a bounty system which encouraged team members to injure their opponents.

The New York Times reports that it is likely that players injured as a result of this program may be able to file personal injury lawsuits and recoup damages for injuries that are tied to the bounty program.

It is important to stay current on product recalls

As many California residents know, it is extremely important to stay on top of the latest recalls. This is especially true if you have children.

Although we all hear warnings about defective products, did you know that only 10 percent of products that are reported to be dangerous (through product recalls) are returned?

California Woman Awarded $415,000 in Slip and Fall Case

A Los Angeles County woman was recently awarded $415,000 in a slip and fall case. The woman was at a Costco store when she slipped on liquid soap that was not cleaned up by store employees. It is unclear where the soap came from but the woman's attorney believes that it likely spilled from a shopping cart.

Stores have an obligation to provide a safe shopping environment for customers. Although a store is not liable for every fall that happens on its property, there are many circumstances where a store's failure to clean a spill will result in liability. In the Costco case, the woman's attorney proved that the store was negligent in failing to clean up the spill and that this negligence was the proximate cause of his client's injury.

Couple Wins Wrongful Birth Medical Malpractice Claim

A jury recently awarded $3 million to a Portland-area couple in a wrongful birth case. These types of lawsuits are extremely rare and can be awkward for many parents to bring. The parents alleged that a hospital failed to properly do a chromosomal test which would have revealed that their daughter would be born with Down syndrome.

Although the parents in this medical malpractice case have gained international attention - and a few death threats - studies consistently show that up to 89 percent of women decide to terminate pregnancies of children with Down syndrome.

As California cycling increases, so must safety precautions

As cycling becomes a more popular activity, and more people choose to bike places rather than drive, road safety becomes an increasing concern. In one California city alone, an annual cycling event that spans the month of May will see upwards of 5,200 participants. With events like this come the need for increased caution for biker safety on the roads -- because when a bike is matched with an automobile, serious injuries can occur.

Last year, the state legislature attempted to make the roads a safer place for cyclists with a bill that would have required drivers to provide a three-foot clearance between their cars and the cyclist, as well as slow to a speed of 15 miles per hour when the three-foot cushion does not exist. This year, an adjusted form of that bill would require the same three-foot clearance and that drivers slow to a "reasonable speed" rather than to the 15 mph set forth in the previous bill.

Family of crash victims file lawsuit against Chrysler

California residents are aware that any car accident is a horrible experience. However, when a crash wrecks a family apart, an accident is a sheer tragedy. In recent news, relatives of a couple killed in a collision, which additionally paralyzed two of the couple's children, filed a federal lawsuit against Chrysler, the manufacturer of the family's minivan. The suit also charges liability against the other motorist that was involved in the car accident.

Specifically, the relatives claim that the design flaws in the couple's 2003 Chrysler Town & Country minivan contributed to the deaths and injuries of the victims. According to one of the plaintiff attorneys, but for the auto defects, the couple would have survived the accident and their children would not have been left paralyzed.

Los Angeles Limo Passenger Injured In Unusual Crash

A limousine passenger had an unusual ride last week in Los Angeles. NBC News reports that a Lincoln Town Car slammed into an exotic car shop in the Mid-City area last Wednesday. The passenger was critically injured but the limo driver fled the scene.

"The driver pulled the passenger out and basically put her on the sidewalk and walked away," an investigating detective told reporters.

The passenger was left bloody on the sidewalk as the limo driver fled. She was taken to a hospital with injuries to her legs, jaw and pelvis, but her personal injuries are not considered to be life threatening.

Button batteries are a serious hazard to children

Many California residents probably do not realize that the seemingly harmless remote controls on their coffee tables can serve as a hazard to their children. A new study reports that button batteries, which are commonly used in electronics, are becoming a big problem for kids. These small, circular batteries have led to a significant amount of battery-related emergency room visits over the past few decades. Ultimately, these batteries are transforming safe items into dangerous products.

According to research, which was conducted throughout a 20-year period from 1990 to 2009, there were around 66,000 battery-related emergency visits by children under 18 in the U.S. The emergency cases included incidents where batteries were placed in kids' noses, mouths and ears. However, the most common reason for hospitalization was swallowed batteries.

Cellphone-related crashes continue to rise

Texting and driving is a growing concern in the eyes of the public as more and more teenagers -- and even adults -- become victims of car accidents caused by this distraction. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that in 2009 alone 5,474 individuals were killed and 448,000 sustained an injury from a distracted driving car accident. With an increase in the number of people owning cellphones, and especially in the number of people owning smartphones, one could imagine that these numbers may only be increasing in California as well as across the nation.

A survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals that, nationally, 69 percent of drivers admitted to having talked on their cellphones while driving within the 30 days of taking the survey. Additionally, 24 percent admitted to having texted or emailed while driving. The National Safety Council reports that drivers who are distracted by their cellphones continue to look at the road, but only see 50 percent of their driving environment. So even those who believe they can multitask behind the wheel may not actually be registering everything that's going on around them.

Pharmacy Chain Gives Kids Cancer Medication by Mistake

Defective drugs are a huge issue throughout the country. Many people develop serious illnesses and injuries because of defective pharmaceuticals and medication errors.

There are many main ways that a pharmaceutical injury can arise including:

  • An adverse reaction to a properly manufactured and prescribed drug, such as an allergy to an ingredient
  • An illness that develops as a side-effect of a properly manufactured drug, such as liver cancer in ACTOS patients
  • A manufacturing defect or contamination issue in an otherwise properly formulated drug
  • A properly manufactured pharmaceutical which is improperly prescribed or dispensed to a patient

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