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Rental car companies can lend you an unsafe vehicle

Did you know that the federal law does not prohibit a rental car company from renting out a car that's subject to a safety recall? The Motor Vehicle Safety Act prohibits a car dealer from selling a vehicle that's part of a safety recall until any auto defects have been fixed. However, California residents might be alarmed to know that this law does not apply to rental car companies. Rental agencies can rent or sell a vehicle that has been recalled without any warning or repairs.

A spokesperson with the Consumers Union, the policy division of Consumer Reports, indicates that there have been reports of incidents where people have rented a car that's been recalled. Because these vehicles have not been fixed, this has resulted in serious car accidents.

Lawsuit from fatal California truck accident reaches settlement

Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable against other drivers on the road, especially when they encounter large vehicles like trucks and tractor-trailers. When an accident occurs involving a bicycle and one of these vehicles, or any vehicle, the consequences can be devastating and result in serious personal injury or even death. One California woman, unfortunately, fell victim to this sort of truck accident when she collided with an 18-wheeler while riding her bike in 2010.

The family of the victim has been seeking reimbursement for damages occasioned by her fatal accident through a wrongful death lawsuit. They filed suits against not only the trucking company but also against the county and the state for unsafe road conditions. In response to the family's suit against it, the trucking company also filed a lawsuit against the county and state for unsafe roads. Both suits against the county and state were eventually dropped. Reports say that the family and the trucking company have settled the lawsuit, but no details were disclosed.

Keck Hospital Leaves Surgical Instrument Inside Patient

Los Angeles' Keck Hospital was recently cited by state regulators for a medical malpractice incident in which a foreign object was left in a patient's chest. A report from the California Department of Public Health indicates that a patient came to the hospital for a redo of a stemotomy and aortic valve replacement.

A subsequent analysis of the patient's x-rays revealed that there was a foreign object in the patient's chest cavity.

The object was removed by a video-assisted thoracoscopic procedure under general anesthesia and it was revealed to be a tip from an electrocautery pencil cautery, which is a device used to sear tissue after a surgery and stop bleeding.

Man scorched by grill after applying sunscreen to skin

As the summer gets hotter, many California residents will need superior sun protection. After all, sun damage to the skin can lead to cancer. Thankfully, there are various products on the market that protect our skin from damaging sunrays. However, in a recent story, a man said he suffered second-degree burns from a grill after applying a sunscreen aerosol spray on parts of his body. Such incident has spurred concern over the potentially dangerous product.

The victim says that he applied Banana Boat sunscreen to his body before walking over to his grill. Subsequently, when the man progressed to his grilling station, his skin ignited into flames. The incident resulted in second-degree burns to his chest, ear and back. These were the only areas of sunscreen application.

Orange County Nurse Sexually Assaults Patient in ER

The California Department of Public Health recently cited Orange County's Chapman Medical Center for violating health and safety procedures that led to a patient's sexual assault. A CDPH investigation revealed that a registered nurse from the hospital gave a patient a narcotic analgesic and then sexually assaulted her.

The patient came to the emergency department in April of 2010, complaining of arm pain. The nurse administered a narcotic pain killer and then proceeded to kiss the patient and fondle her breasts.

Beloved Burbank man killed in car accident at 101 years old

Despite his age of 101, friends say a local Burbank man had the stamina of someone much younger and never skipped a beat. He was a photographer and former Olympic boxer who loved to play pool at a senior center located across the street from his photography studio on Olive Avenue. He even served as a grand marshal in Burbank's centennial parade last year. Some called him a legend. After a recent accident, however, the community was thrown into shock and grief.

The man was crossing the street after leaving the senior center one night when he was struck by a car. He was taken to Providence Saint Joseph's Medical Center, but died shortly after. Police say the driver was a 91-year-old woman. She was released after being questioned about the accident.

Long Beach Plane Crash Might Be Linked to Poor Maintenance

New evidence suggests that last year's Long Beach plane crash may have been due to improper plane maintenance. National Transportation Safety Board records indicate that the plane was 653 pounds overweight and that the pilot may have failed to empty the water from plane's fuel tank sumps.

The Los Angeles Times reports that several prominent Long Beach community members and businessmen were killed in the crash including real estate investors and a member of one of the city's founding families.

Man killed by the fumes of his airbag

If California residents consider some of the consequences of a car accident, they may think of broken bones, whiplash and other related injuries. However, in a recent story, a driver who actually survived the impact of a minor car crash was killed when he inhaled the fumes of his deployed airbag.

No--he was not injured during the six-car wreck. This man was injured by what may have been a serious auto defect. In this particular case, the car accident turned fatal when his car's airbag broke a window, which punctured through the safety device. When this occurred, the airbag released chemicals that quickly caused the driver to suffer chest and breathing problems.

MTA Bus Crash Injures Eight in West Hills

Eight people were injured last Saturday when a MTA bus collided with two cars in West Hills. Authorities say that the traffic accident occurred late Saturday afternoon around 5 p.m. at the intersection of West Sherman Way and Fallbrook Avenue.

The driver of one of the passenger vehicles is reported to have been rushed to the hospital in critical condition and seven people suffered minor personal injuries.

Woman dies in recent motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are small vehicles compared to other vehicles that share the road. Drivers of these bikes may feel empowered by their small size, believing they have greater flexibility on the roads than larger vehicles due to their ability to navigate smaller spaces with greater ease. However, this is not always the case, and a motorcycle accident can happen with the same frequency as any other automobile accident. One California couple was tragically involved in a fatal motorcycle accident in Southern California near Julian on May 19.

The couple was traveling down a rural highway when they made a turn and sideswiped another motorcycle traveling in the opposite direction. The wife, who was a passenger on the motorcycle, was killed in the accident. Early reports indicate that the couple's motorcycle strayed from their lane which led to the tragic accident.

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