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California Teen Dies in Fiery Hollywood Highway Crash

One teen is dead and several more people are injured after a serious car accident on the Hollywood Freeway.

The accident happened shortly after 6:30 p.m. last Sunday when a Chevrolet containing three young people rear-ended a disabled Jeep on the highway.

The Chevrolet driver and the front-seat passenger left the car to check on the Jeep driver.

A Lexus SUV then slammed into the back of the Chevrolet, causing it to flip over and ignite with a 17-year-old Santa Ana teen trapped in the back seat.

"The rear passenger of the Chevrolet was unable to escape the vehicle or be extricated before the entire Chevrolet was consumed by fire," A California Highway Statement says. "The passenger died at the scene, and was pronounced deceased by L.A. City Fire Department paramedics."

Recall issued over kids' animated lamps

As California residents know, it is always difficult when product defects pose a serious risk to our health; however, it is even more concerning when these items are intended for our children. In recent news, the placement of internal wires on a lamp made for kids can cause electrical short-circuiting and sparking. As a result, the lamps serve as a dangerous fire hazard to consumers. The defective product has resulted in nearly a dozen safety reports.

Parents should check to see if their children are using the Discovery Kids Animated Marine and Safari Lamps, which feature rotating films with marine or safari pictures. The words "Discovery Kids" are printed on the front and left corner of the product.

California sleepwear recalled due to flammability concerns

A California manufacturer of children's sleepwear has sold 210,000 sets of lounge pants and boxers. Other manufacturers sold 6,000 pairs of sleepwear sets under the label Gabiano and 12,000 sets of pajamas under the name PajamaGram.

These children's sleepwear items are now considered dangerous products. They have been recalled by the manufacturer due to safety concerns after a 9-year-old boy suffered severe burns on his legs when his pajama bottoms caught fire.

Marine's Mesothelioma Death Linked to Asbestos Exposure

A recent opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times highlighted the challenges that can arise from complex toxic exposure personal injury cases. The article detailed the struggles of a California marine who had been exposed to asbestos and subsequently developed a serious cancer called mesothelioma. Court filings in the case allege that lawyers from the asbestos industry hounded the marine during depositions and that this contributed to his death.

"I couldn't believe that we had spent so much time trying to save this guy and these other people come in really trying to kill him," the marine's thoracic surgeon said.

Serious accident involving pickup and train leaves 1 dead

California drivers probably don't think about the risks involved with driving across train tracks. We don't hear about train accidents often, and we assume that there will be warning lights and gates to tell us when a train is approaching. With forces as strong as freight trains crossing roadways, however, it is important that both trains and automobiles take care to operate safely in order to avoid a serious accident. Unfortunately, these accidents are not always avoidable.

One California man experienced this firsthand when his truck was struck by a freight train at a private crossing. He was reportedly approaching the crossing on his way to work when the freight train collided with the front corner of his truck, causing the vehicle to spin several times before coming to rest alongside the tracks. He suffered injuries to the head and arm, and was transported to an area hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Los Angeles to Pay $6.6 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Los Angeles Times reports that the L.A. City Council recently voted to pay the largest traffic accident-related wrongful death settlement in the city's history. The city is set to pay $6.6 million to the family of 27-year-old woman who was killed just outside of her Sylmar home in spring of 2010.

The woman was killed by a speeding police squad car as she pulled out of her driveway. Reports of the crash indicate that the woman's car was broadsided at around 70 mph, which is double the speed limit in front of the woman's home. The police car also did not have its emergency lights on and was therefore not supposed to be speeding. There is also evidence that the police car's headlights were not on during this nighttime accident and that the officer lied about turning the lights off after the crash.

Long Beach Drunk Driving Car Accident Kills Teen Passenger

A Los Angeles teen was arrested yesterday morning after a severe car crash in downtown Long Beach. Authorities say that the accident happened at shortly before 1 a.m. on Monday on the 710 Freeway. An 18-year-old Los Angeles woman was allegedly driving her vehicle while intoxicated and caused an accident that killed her 19-year-old passenger.

The woman lost control of her 1996 Acura and slammed into a curb under the 6th street overpass. The woman then veered across the highway and hit a sign and a palm tree before stopping. The car struck the sign on the passenger side and the 19-year-old passenger was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

Popular children's high chair recalled

Most California residents would agree that product defects are alarming. Such flawed products always serve as a risk to our health and safety. However, the general public is usually more concerned when they discover a defect among a product that is intended for children. In recent news, a common child's product has been recalled due to serious safety concerns.

The federal government recently issued a recall of popular high chair. According to reports, Evenflo's convertible high chair tray can detach unexpectedly. This dangerous product is allowing children to fall out of their chairs, thus causing some injuries.

Johnson and Johnson to Pull Vaginal Mesh Off The Market

Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon unit announced that it would discontinue sales of four types of defective medical products. Ethicon's vaginal mesh product has been linked to many personal injuries and wrongful deaths. Over 600 lawsuits have been filed in connection with vaginal mesh implants which have severely injured patients.

"We are happy to see that Ethicon finally decided to do the right thing and stop selling these products," said one personal injury attorney.

Downtown LA car accident kills 1, leaves 5 others with injuries

Car accidents that occur in heavily populated areas, such as downtown areas in large cities like Los Angeles, can affect many individuals due to the congestion of both vehicles and pedestrians. The potential for serious injuries from a car accident may be increased in highly populated areas like LA. Though it may not heal the wounds or loss of life that can result from this type of car accident, victims may find some solace in their right to seek punitive damages.

Two automobiles collided in a fatal accident in downtown Los Angeles in mid June near the Hollywood Freeway. The car accident resulted in the death of one passenger, as well as critical injuries for four others and minor injuries for one more involved in the crash. Specific details pertaining to victims were not readily available.

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