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Trampolines voluntarily recalled by toy company

When California parents purchase toys for their children, they have the expectation that those products will not cause harm through ordinary use. Unfortunately, sometimes product recalls point to a safety issue that typically requires immediate attention from consumers. Recently, a voluntary recall was announced concerning a potentially defective product that arguably could cause significant injury.

Specifically, eight thousand toddler trampolines have been recalled by Panline USA Inc., according to announcements by the company and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently. The Alex Model 786X Little Jumpers Trampoline could potentially have a fall hazard due to the trampoline's handlebar. It was disclosed that the handlebar could break, causing children to fall and hurt themselves.

California Product Liability Law for Defective Baby Strollers

In yesterday's post we discussed a defective product recall by stroller manufacturer Peg Perego. Many of the consumer products which we use everyday are unsafe, which is why product recalls happen on a weekly basis.

It can often take years after a serious injury happens for a product recall to occur. Product recalls are often not widely publicized, which means that the dangerous products will continue to be used for a long time after a formal recall happens. In California, the makers of dangerous children's products can be held liable for injuries that arise even after a product is recalled.

Lawsuits that arise out of dangerous products are called "product liability" cases and typically occur due to defective product design, manufacturing errors or the failure to warn of product hazards.

In the case of the Peg Perego strollers, the manufacturer is most likely to face litigation that alleges a defective product design. The voluntary industry standard calls for a wider space between the baby stroller seat and tray to prevent child strangulation injuries from occurring.

Strollers Recalled After California Toddler's Death

Stroller manufacturer Peg Perego recently announced a recall of over 220,000 strollers after reports that children can suffer strangulation injuries due to a design defect.

The recall follows the death of a California toddler who died after becoming trapped between the bottom of the stroller seat and the stroller's tray.

The recalled strollers were sold between 2004 and 2007 and do not meet industry standards regarding the safe space between the seat and the stroller tray. Strollers are now designed with wider openings between the trays and the seats in order to prevent such strangulation injuries.

California car accident fatal for 2 San Diego boys

California drivers known how important it is to drive safely and obey all traffic laws. Yet, while this will do a lot to prevent a car accident, there is no telling what other drivers on the road will do. It is not always possible to avoid a serious accident, and when an individual suffers an injury at the fault of another driver, the effects can be devastating.

One such accident occurred in the middle of July in Southern California, near Escondido, resulting in two deaths and five injuries. The complete details of the accident are still unknown, though it is suspected that a lane change may have played a part in causing it. Two vehicles subsequently collided, causing one of the automobiles to flip and spin across the road.

IKEA lighting system may lead to an electric shock

Summer is a prime time for home remodeling. For some California residents, the remodeling may include interior decorating and the installation of functional home decor pieces such as track lighting. The last thing anyone thinks is that the lighting they have just installed may be a defective product that could cause injury. However, that is sometimes the case.

If you know furniture, you may have heard of IKEA, the international retailer of home decorating objects and furniture. This company recently issued a recall for its SANDA track lighting system. This defective product is thought to have a potentially dangerous ground connection in the track. This defect may result in an electric shock to consumers.

California ATV accidents could cause serious injuries, death

With summer comes an increase in Southern California adventurers seeking outdoor activities. For many, this may include riding ATVs on private property, permitted public trails or at specialized facilities. With this rise in ATV riding in the summer, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission wishes to warn both novice and experienced riders of the risk of serious injuries that come with these vehicles.

In the years from 2004 to 2010 there were an average of 700 ATV-related deaths, and 136,000 visits to the emergency room for ATV injuries each year across the country. From 2004 to 2006, ATV deaths rose 65 percent for children and 85 percent for adults over the period from March to April. This year, 28 children and 130 adults have died since in ATV-related accidents, and this number is expected to rise through July.

Two Seriously Injured in North Los Angeles Car Crash

In our last post we covered a Koreatown pedestrian accident which resulted in the wrongful death of a 42-year-old man last weekend. Unfortunately hit-and-run accidents such as this one are not a rare occurrence in the Los Angeles area. Irresponsible motorists who cause crashes while intoxicated or engaging in distracted driving often flee the scene because they fear criminal punishment or personal injury litigation.

The Koreatown accident was not the only hit-and-run crash that happened last Saturday. CBS Los Angeles reports that another serious hit-and-run accident happened in northern Los Angeles' Sylmar neighborhood around the same time as the Koreantown crash. The Sylmar car accident occurred around 11:45 p.m. near the intersection of Polk Street and Dronfield Avenue.

Ford is recalled for brake interference issues

What if your brand new vehicle had defective brakes? Most California consumers would be pretty upset. As it turns out, this is the case for one popular sports utility vehicle. Did you know that Ford is recalling almost 8,300 of its 2013 Escapes in the United States? The recall stems from an auto defect in which improperly installed carpeting can potentially interfere with a driver's application of the brake pedal in the vehicle.

The automaker has reported that carpeting may result in the driver's foot contacting the side of the brake pedal. Specifically, in transferring the foot from the accelerator to the brake, this carpet could cause increased stopping distances.

Pedestrian Dies After Koreatown Crash

A pedestrian was hit and killed near Koreatown in Los Angeles this weekend. Authorities are still searching for the hit and run driver.

Pedestrian fatalities have increased across the country in recent years despite declining numbers of car accident deaths. The decrease in car accident deaths has been linked to the increasing safety of modern vehicles and the aggressive enforcement of seat-belt and drunk driving laws.

Unfortunately, pedestrians do not have any of the protection that vehicle passengers have and often suffer catastrophic injuries when they are hit by a car. The increase in pedestrian deaths has also been linked to the proliferation of smartphones in recent years. Despite the ban on texting and driving in California, many local drivers are involved in pedestrian accidents because they are distracted by their handheld devices.

California woman killed in motorcycle crash

In automobile accidents involving motorcycles, it is not always the collision of two vehicles that causes a serious injury or a death. One recent California motorcycle accident, for example, occurred when the motorcyclist lost control of her vehicle and crashed. She was thrown onto the highway where she was then struck by a pickup truck that fled the scene.

The details of the collision in this accident are not very robust, but an important legal factor ultimately may be whether the woman was alive after she crashed and catapulted onto the highway. Once the driver of the pickup is found, police may work to determine whether the driver was distracted or impaired in any way.

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