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Like other aspects of aging, discrimination can sneak up on you

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Life can feel like it moves incredibly fast. One day, you are sending your kids off to school, and the next they are starting their own families. Then, you turned around and realized that you somehow passed a certain age without even realizing it.

However, someone at your workplace realized it and began talking to you about retirement. Perhaps your employer suggested that you take different assignments, or your performance reviews seem to be increasingly more negative than they used to be despite the fact that you still perform your job duties in the same manner as you used to in previous years.

Are chemicals in your city tap water the cause of your cancer?

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Drink more water. You have heard this advice from the time you were a child. More than half of your body is water. Your heart, lungs and skin all need water to remain healthy. If you exercise or do physical work, you need even more H2O. If your goal was to be as healthy as possible, you probably followed this advice and urged your family to do the same.

However, if you live in California, your water may be making you sick. In fact, a recent study suggests that many people in the state can blame their illness on drinking water. If you have recently received a cancer diagnosis, you may want to look at the purity of your water supply.

What can you do if your child suffered a football injury?

college football.jpeg

If your child received a head injury on the football field, he might not suffer the full consequences until years later. When that happens, will you be able to seek compensation?

The NCAA is currently tangled in 300 lawsuits related to former football players who allege that the organization mishandled their concussions. As a result, they say they suffered serious brain injuries. However, their futures are uncertain.

Could your sunroof explode? Hundreds already have.

car sunroof.jpeg

Car owners everywhere have heard an ear-splitting crash above their heads. There wasn't a gunshot or a meteor strike, as some have described the noise, but their sunroof cracked and shattered without warning.

Your sunroof may also be in danger of shattering unexpectedly. Although reports of exploding sunroofs date back to 1995, there has been a massive spike in reports since 2017. Affected cars come from nearly every major manufacturer.

Do you lane split on your motorcycle? Is it safe?

lane splitting.jpeg

The year-round beautiful weather is one of the reasons people love Los Angeles. Unlike the motorcycle riders in other states, those in California do not have to store their bikes away during the winter months. If you are one of the many in this state who enjoy being on your motorcycle throughout the year, you have probably had your share of close calls with other, larger vehicles.

Perhaps one of the scariest moments on your bike are when you are stuck in traffic that is not moving because of construction, an accident or other reasons. You can never be sure that drivers coming up behind you are paying attention. This is one good reason for the careful use of lane splitting.

As the smoke clears, a storm brews over Notre Dame

Notre Dame.jpeg

While the Cathedral of Notre Dame smolders, so do the emotions of European and Parisian authorities. The stone structure, some artwork and various relics survived the flames. However, flames destroyed the iconic spire and other structures under restoration.

The Paris public prosecutor announced that the city has launched an investigation into the cause of the fire. It is expected that the investigation will likely be long and very complex, much like the investigations into the devastating California fires.

How to avoid a sexual predator posing as your Uber driver

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Three women filed a lawsuit against Uber after they were sexually assaulted by two men posing as their Uber drivers. These drivers targeted the intoxicated women on three separate incidents.

The women's lawsuit claims that Uber has known about predators posing as fake drivers since November 2014 but failed to warn their customers. Uber advertises that they aim to provide a safe ride home. Sadly, predators have used it as an opportunity to attack vulnerable people.

How to know if your Ford vehicle was recalled for safety defects

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Did the Ford Motor Company recall your car this year? Ford announced three major recalls in February because of serious safety concerns. These problems affect everything from internal technology to door latches.

So far, only five major accidents have happened as a result. However, millions of drivers everywhere are at risk.

Cough syrup recall: Is your child using a deadly medicine?

cough syrup child.jpeg

Your children's cough syrup may be contaminated with a dangerous bacterium. A nationwide recall has been issued for Kingston Pharma's NATURALS Cough Syrup + Mucus for babies. Due to the contaminants, it has the potential to cause life-threatening illnesses.

The FDA found that one in ten bottles of this product had low levels of Bacillus cereus and two in ten bottles had low levels of Bacillus circulans.

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