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Beware of thinly-veiled discrimination practices at your job

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Most workers in Southern California know that their employers may not discriminate in hiring and promotions based on an employee's race, religion, sex, gender, age, disability status or sexual orientation. Workers are protected from illegal discrimination by a variety of state, federal and local least in theory.

What actually goes on in some companies

Is your baby powder making you sick?

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For decades, major health and beauty companies, including industry giant Johnson & Johnson, marketed talc powder as "baby powder." It was advertised as a healthy and safe product to use to prevent diaper rash, odor and any kind of dampness or moisture on the skin.

Mothers applied this powder to their babies' bottoms, hoping to keep them dry and chap-free. Women applied the powder inside their underwear to stave off moisture and odor. People also used the powder in shoes, on their underarms and in many other applications that involved direct exposure to their skin and some degree of inhalation.

Marijuana legality does not protect drivers involved in crashes

Even if marijuana is legal, there's a responsibility that those who indulge have to assume. They must be responsible for their actions. If they decide to get behind the wheel and drive when they're impaired, they're putting themselves and others at risk of injury. That isn't fair to anyone.

Some people believe that making marijuana legal means it's safe to drive after using it. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. The legality of a substance has nothing to do with its ability to impair its users. Alcohol is legal, yet you certainly face penalties for driving with it in your system. The same applies to marijuana usage.

Girardi | Keese law firm advocating for USC sex abuse victims

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A gynecologist who treated patients at the University of Southern California's student health clinic for nearly 30 years has been terminated amid allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse of hundreds of female students and patients. USC is also under fire for failing to take action against Dr. George Tyndall despite receiving complaints about his behavior since as early as 1988. Tyndall was the only full-time gynecologist at USC for 27 years.

To date, nearly 400 women have contacted a USC hotline and many others have contacted local law enforcement offices directly. More than 20 lawsuits have been filed against Tyndall by former patients, and the list is growing as more victims come forward.

Did your termination violate your employment contract?

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In the modern workplace, it is not always easy to determine when an employer treats you unfairly, even when they terminate your employment. The employer will certainly not voluntarily admit to any wrongdoing, even if your termination violates the law or your employment contract. Unfortunately, many employers act outside of the law, letting employees bearing the consequences.

If you suspect that you were recently terminated unfairly or illegally, it is always wise to examine why your employer let you go and whether the action fits within the boundaries laid out by your contract or the law in general.

Will autonomous vehicles makes roads safer for you?

self-driving car.jpegThere are several self-driving car models being tested on the roads in America. These vehicles have a strong potential to take human error out of the equation, potentially making it safer to drive on the roads at any time.

Computers make decisions faster and don't base decisions on feelings. They're capable of processing multiple needs at once, helping them brake, swerve and adjust at the same time, whereas a person may only process the need to brake and swerve, not being able to adjust in time to avoid losing control. Yes, self-driving cars have the potential to be life-saving vehicles.

How can you stay safe when using public transportation?

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Public transportation is a huge benefit to cities, towns and villages. The ability to get from one place to another without your own vehicle saves you money that would otherwise be spent on fuel, repairs and insurance. There is some trouble with choosing public transportation, however. The primary concern is safety. Do you know anything about the driver? How do you know that the company took its time choosing its drivers and making sure they would keep passengers safe?

Without knowing anything about the company's hiring practices, you are blinding putting yourself in the driver's hands.

Could you be involved in a California truck accident?

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If you live in California and spend any amount of time behind the wheel, you know that you have to share the road with large commercial trucks. Many drivers are intimidated by their hulking size and additional risks the trucks add to driving.  Even if you try to avoid traveling near them, there's no way of doing so for long.

In Los Angeles, for example, the roadways are well known for being extremely crowded. This increases the likelihood of driving in close proximity to a commercial truck. Unfortunately, it also increases the likelihood of being involved in an accident with one.

Do you live in the deadliest county in California?


San Bernardino County is the third deadliest area for drivers, passengers and pedestrians in California. A recent study by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that more 10 percent of all fatal U.S. motor vehicle accidents occurred in California during the last year studied.

The highest number of California fatalities occur in just five counties in the southern portion of the state. In order starting with the deadliest county, they include:

What does "driving while addicted" mean in California?

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Everyone knows it is unlawful to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Did you know that in California, it is also illegal to drive a vehicle if you are addicted to a drug? This law is intended to keep people safer on the roads by preventing addicts from driving.

Driving while addicted to a drug: The thought behind the law

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