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Tom Girardi is Lawyer of the Decade

"There is no one in the world like Tom." Attorney Tom Girardi.jpg

- Stephanie Cirami, IAOTP President

The International Association of Top Professionals has bestowed the honor of "Lawyer of the Decade" on Tom Girardi, founding partner of the Girardi | Keese law firm in Los Angeles. (The IAOTP also honored Tom as "Man of the Year" in 2017.) 

So, who is a Lawyer of the Decade, exactly?

In Ms. Cirami's words, Tom's "continued support and generosity has a significant impact on people's lives and he leaves his mark on whomever or whatever he is involved with. He is an extraordinary human being and a one-of-a-kind successful, brilliant, gracious, charming man who couldn't be more deserving of this award."

California Lawmakers United in Effort to Rebuild After California Wildfires

"These were the worst fires in California's history and, as a result, they left unprecedented damage in their wake."

- Rep. Mike Thompson

In Sarah Wire's report for the Los Angeles Times, she describes how California's entire congressional delegation is united in its effort to obtain federal funding to rebuild after the wildfires in wine country. In a letter to the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Mike Thompson wrote, "These were the worst fires in California's history." Mike Moffitt for the San Francisco Chronicle points out that October is typically the worst month for wildfires.

Based on loss of life alone - a reported 43 people - the wildfires that tore through Tubbs, Sonoma and Napa counties are the worst on record in California.

Los Angeles Attorneys David Lira and Tom Girardi Win Consumer Attorneys of the Year in 2017

"If she had a three-point seat belt, she would have survived like the other family members."

- Attorney David Lira

In November, Girardi | Keese attorneys David Lira and Tom Girardi were honored by the Consumer Attorneys of California as Attorneys of the Year for their successful legal battle with Mazda over dangerous seat belts.

Say Goodbye to the Jackknifing Semi - Apparently

big rigs.jpg

With the pending SpaceX mission to Mars and the broader long-term plan to colonize the Red Planet, Elon Musk promises to liberate humanity from the shackles of single-planet domination, and turn us into an interplanetary species, complete with increased odds of surviving cataclysmic events like climate change or nuclear annihilation.

But, first, he's going to put an end to the propensity of big rigs to jackknife on the road.

CFPB Director Cordray's Resignation 'Completes Team Trump Take-Over'

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is (although, at this point, we should probably use the word was) the federal agency responsible for holding the financial industry accountable to abuses perpetrated against consumers.

pushing boulder uphill.jpg

A Mission of Protecting Consumers

Created under the Obama Administration in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the CFPB's mission is consumer protection - regulating banks, lenders, loan providers, etc., to "protect consumers from unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices and take action against companies that break the law."

Insurance Company Mischief: Be Your Own Doctor

For some people, you had better be right in your decision to go to the ER. If not, as the Associated Press reports, you could be stuck with the (substantial) bill.

kid doctor.jpg

As described in the AP report, a woman had a ruptured ovarian cyst, which "forced her to the floor," presumably in pain, in her kitchen. Upon the advice of her physician neighbor, she went to the ER, only to find out that ruptured ovarian cysts don't count as emergencies.

The Engine Blowout of a Delta Flight to Cleveland

"It felt like the plane was going down, and below us were mountains. And then it got worse." - Joe Rexrode

jetliner cockpit.jpg

A loud screech. The smell of burning oil. Concerned flight attendants clutching emergency manuals.

When something bad happens during a flight - anything, really, from a minor mishap to a major malfunction - it's a reminder that we haven't completely conquered the skies. Everyone knows, at least subconsciously, that air travel isn't 100 percent safe. Sometimes things go poorly.

Law School in Session: The Second Lesson about Personal Injury

dog in graduation cap.jpg

In the first lesson, we talked about how the technical name for personal injury law is "tort law," what a tort is, and the elements of negligence. (Negligence itself is defined as the failure of a person or company to use reasonable care regarding others' safety.)

In order to prove negligence, the plaintiff must show:

  1. that the defendant breached the duty of care;
  2. causation between the defendant's breach and the accident or mishap; and
  3. that the plaintiff was actually injured.

In short, these elements are known as breach, causation, and damages.

Your Phone Bill: Fight Unfair Taxes

Join our class action. Get started today by sending us an email.

trapped stuffed animal.jpg

Taxation without representation is the opposite of liberty.

Residents of the City of Alameda could be entitled to a payment for taxes which are believed to have been unlawfully collected on their cellular phone bills.

Drunk Driving in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles County in 2014 during the July 4 holiday weekend, there are 45 mapped collisions in which alcohol was a factor (Berkeley Transportation Injury Mapping System)

los angeles traffic.jpeg

Does Los Angeles have a DUI problem?

In a LA Weekly piece dating back to the end of 2012, the headline provocatively accuses everyone in L.A. of driving drunk "all the time." Ignore the deliberate click-bait nature of the headline. Everyone is too strong a word. It doesn't accurately describe Los Angeles drivers, as much as people complain about them.

But the author has a point: "Over a thousand Angelenos got DUIs the week of July 4th [in 2012]. Seriously, Los Angeles. We need to talk. Why must you weave a dangerous game of Russian roulette along the freeways and boulevards every weekend?"

We may (or may not) have a DUI problem, but in a place like Los Angeles, where car culture and drinking culture collide, driving under the influence leads to frequent, often deadly crashes.

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