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California Fights Sexual Harassment in Tech Industry

"[W]e are the first to take this kind of step in order to call out this kind of behavior and protect women entrepreneurs."

- Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson

woman at computer.jpeg

In effect, what state lawmaker Hannah-Beth Jackson wants to do is level the playing field a bit for women in the California tech industry.

As Janet Burns writes in Forbes, there are already laws on the books prohibiting sexual harassment in other spheres, from the traditional employer-employee relationship to relationships between consumers and professional service providers (doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc.). Senate Bill 224 would "tweak" existing law to account for another species of sexual harassment that may occur between entrepreneurs and investors.

"We simply want to add investors to that list, and acknowledge that this simply unlawful behavior is subject to claims of sexual harassment and damages," Sen. Jackson said, in reference to the changes SB 224 would make on existing civil rights law in California.

Are Good Lawyers Smart or Just Plain Determined?

Sure, you've got to have at least some level of smarts to get into law school, pass the bar exam, and practice law. But are lawyers truly smart or does the secret to success come down to grit and determination?

Jim Cantrell argues that it's not money, intelligence, formal education, or even experience that makes up what it takes to be "good" or successful in many endeavors - it's "dogged determination," that drive to never give up.

Cantrell worked with today's captain-of-industry Elon Musk when Musk first began his quest to develop technology that might allow us to colonize space, or at least continue to explore it.

Hurricane Irma and California's 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goal

"There hasn't been a storm like Irma to hit the US. Ever." - CNN report

palm tree blowing in wind.jpg

California wants to be on 100 percent renewable energy as we near 2050.

That might sound far off, but it's only around 30 years, which is nothing from the earth science perspective - and given that California has an "energy appetite" that rivals Texas, as KQED reports, we will probably need all that time to get there.

No One Rides the Bus Anymore in L.A.

bus travel into Los Angeles.jpg

To say that no one rides the bus anymore is a bit of an overstatement, but it gets the point across: In Metro's declining ridership, explained, Curbed's Matt Tinoco writes that since 2013, bus ridership has gone down by roughly 20 percent, and the figure is about the same for subway and light rail ridership.

The Fastest Motorcycle in the World


Speed is the undeniable attraction of motorcycles. So is raw power. A motorcycle, after all, is nothing more than an engine on a two-wheeled frame. (Of course, a motorcycle is much more than that, from a design and engineering standpoint, but this paints the picture.) A powerful engine on a vehicle that weighs practically nothing, as compared to a car or a truck, will both top out and accelerate faster than pretty much all else on the road.

That is part of what makes motorcycles so appealing - and dangerous.

Subject of Brutal Fan Beating, Bryan Stow, on the Path to Recovery

On March 31, 2011, opening day of baseball season, Giants fan Bryan Stow was brutally beaten outside of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. This merciless beating left Stow, a paramedic and avid fan of the visiting San Francisco Giants, with a severe traumatic brain injury. After the incident, doctors placed Stow in a medically induced coma and performed numerous procedures to remove skull fragments to relieve pressure on his brain and save his life.

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