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Widow of Air Force pilot sues for aircraft product defects

As many California residents can imagine, it is extremely difficult to investigate the cause of an aircraft crash. A crashed plane involves substantial destruction, and examining the cause of the accident requires reconstructing parts of the damaged aircraft. Despite this difficulty, it is imperative to inspect these accidents because they may have resulted from a manufacturing, design or warning defect. If this is the case, appropriate parties should be held accountable for any product liability errors. Therefore, manufactures can ensure that all precautions are taken to certify the safety of future aircraft pilots.

In recent news, the widow of an Air Force pilot has sued several companies, including Lockheed Martin, for producing F-22 Raptors with a defective life support system that caused her husband's death. She seeks damages for wrongful death, product liability, negligence, breach of warranty and fraud.

NHTSA: Back-over car accident deaths and injuries preventable

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that each year, back-over vehicle accidents cause an average of 228 deaths, and 17,000 injuries. Sadly, a significant number of the people killed or injured in this sort of car accident are young children. However, California residents may be interested to know that safety advocates say that these accidents can be significantly prevented by the addition of required rear-view camera systems to vehicles.

In fact, these very changes are in the process of being implemented, but have currently been postponed. The new rules will required that every new car and truck under 10,000 pounds have a rear-view camera system included in its design. The NHTSA estimates that the addition of these rear-view cameras will prevent 95 to 112 back-over car accident deaths as well as more than 7,000 injuries annually.

Causes of Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Orange County

Orange County, California, has seen a number of hit-and-run fatal car accidents involving pedestrians in recent weeks. The Santa Ana Police Department has reported that although the incidents have received significant media attention, there has not been a spike in the number of accidents.

Since 2007, there have been 29 fatal accidents involving pedestrians in Santa Ana; in 5 instances, the driver fled from the scene. Norm Gielda, of the Santa Ana Police Department, noted the primary reasons why drivers do not stop after hitting a pedestrian.

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