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Do you work in an environment that encourages closeting?

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Just a month before the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, a Gallup poll revealed that 60 percent of Americans supported same-sex marriage. As of today, roughly 67 percent support LGBTQ friends and family.

With the growing support, however, why do nearly half of surveyed LGBTQ employees hide their true sexual orientation at work?

Cruise ships: A relaxing trip or a trip into the drink?

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As the new year begins and you have a fresh new batch of vacation days, the urge to travel can be undeniable. When you think about the options for seeing the world, a cruise can be a fun and economical choice.

A cruise gives you the opportunity to see visit multiple locations while letting someone else do the "driving." What you many not know is that there are a surprising number of people who fall into the ocean while on cruises. If you are considering a cruise this winter and worry about safety, here are some things to keep in mind:

Are cloudy headlight covers putting you at risk?


Are you dreaming of a new car with the latest technology and safety features? While having Apple Car Play and ventilated seats is certainly nice, nothing beats the comfort of knowing that your car has all the best safety features: lane departure awareness, blind spot detection, airbag technology, automatic braking, etc.

While these technology-based safety features are great, one of the most important safety features is much more old-school and cost-effective: new headlight covers.

Are you looking for a romantic date night idea?

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It's not too early to start planning for Valentine's Day. It offers a great excuse to get out of the house and try something new. Of course, dinner and a movie is fine, but what if you are in the mood for something different?

It can be fun to get the adrenaline pumping now and again. However, some activities might require some additional training or may be better left to professionals. While you and your date may agree to try something a little on the edge, make sure you end your evening at home, rather than the hospital.

Can your smart device affect your personal injury claim?

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The chances are good that if you are reading this, you use some sort of location tracking device. Tracking devices include smartphones, smart watches, fitness trackers, smart glasses and the list goes on. While there are many advantages to these heavily used devices, there are also disadvantages.

With one in six Americans using some form of wearable technology and nearly every adult using a smartphone, it is critical that we appreciate the implications of this data collection on our daily life.

Have you experienced or witnessed abuse at work?

abuse at workj.jpeg

Over the past century, working conditions in the U.S. have come a long way. This is thanks in large part to workers banding together to force change. Despite improvements, too many workers still face abuse while at work. Often, that abuse comes at the hands of their fellow coworkers.

Abuse, in any form, and of any severity can wreak havoc on a victim's life. To put an end to workplace abuse, it's important to recognize it and its many forms. Here are just three of the ways that abuse can occur at work:

Can you relate to this woman's case of pregnancy discrimination?

pregnant businesswoman.jpeg

It's another rags-to-riches story. Once a single, working mom, Lynda Resnick is a self-made billionaire and co-owner of The Wonderful Company, which sells special food items. Like so many women, she faced many challenges in her 74 years because of her gender.

Early in 2018, hosts of a female empowerment conference in Los Angeles welcomed Resnick to the stage. There, she discussed how few leadership opportunities there are for women. She stressed how important the #MeToo movement has been in bringing the lasting problem of workplace sexual harassment to the national stage. However, it is ironic that Resnick now faces a complaint from a female employee alleging discrimination.

Were you injured while riding a scooter?

dockless scooters.jpeg

Scooters can be a fun form of transportation, but they come with mixed reviews. Now, there are dockless scooters.

The idea behind dockless scooters -- or e-scooters -- is that anyone with a smart phone can download the app, locate a scooter and grab one for a ride for a fee. Unlike other rental services where you return the unit to a docking station, riders can leave dockless scooters anywhere, including in the middle of sidewalks.

Does your personality make you a target for bullying?

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Most people agree that we have a bullying problem in the United States. Bullying can occur at school, work, home, or anywhere in between. Often, the media covers bullying that takes place in schools because children are viewed as more vulnerable and the bullying can be hard to escape.

For many bullied school children, they grow up, leave their school behind only to face new or continued bullying in the workplace. Bullying is a very serious matter that can have lasting effects. According to recent research, 60.3 million U.S. workers experience bullying in the workplace. That is approximately 1 in 5 U.S. adults.

Considerations for Christmas tree safety

retro christmas.jpeg

Now that the Halloween costumes are off the shelves, stores have started promoting Christmas. Between the commercialization of Christmas and the mass appeal the holiday has, it is no wonder that stores seem to start earlier and earlier getting the decorations out each year.

The one piece a lot of people see as a must-have is a Christmas tree. With the lights and the ornaments, they can have appeal for even the biggest Scrooges. Whether you decide to celebrate with a real tree or a fake one, there are still risks to keep in mind. Having a tree in your home can present several potential risks, including:

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