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How to avoid a sexual predator posing as your Uber driver

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Three women filed a lawsuit against Uber after they were sexually assaulted by two men posing as their Uber drivers. These drivers targeted the intoxicated women on three separate incidents.

The women's lawsuit claims that Uber has known about predators posing as fake drivers since November 2014 but failed to warn their customers. Uber advertises that they aim to provide a safe ride home. Sadly, predators have used it as an opportunity to attack vulnerable people.

How to know if your Ford vehicle was recalled for safety defects

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Did the Ford Motor Company recall your car this year? Ford announced three major recalls in February because of serious safety concerns. These problems affect everything from internal technology to door latches.

So far, only five major accidents have happened as a result. However, millions of drivers everywhere are at risk.

Cough syrup recall: Is your child using a deadly medicine?

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Your children's cough syrup may be contaminated with a dangerous bacterium. A nationwide recall has been issued for Kingston Pharma's NATURALS Cough Syrup + Mucus for babies. Due to the contaminants, it has the potential to cause life-threatening illnesses.

The FDA found that one in ten bottles of this product had low levels of Bacillus cereus and two in ten bottles had low levels of Bacillus circulans.

Your "on-call" shift may entitle you to wages in California

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Imagine your boss assigned you an on-call shift tomorrow for your position at a retail store. You can't schedule social activities or work at another job because they might need you. Two hours before your shift, you call in, but they cancel your shift and refuse to compensate you.

Employees at Tilly's experienced this exact situation. Their employer failed to report their on-call hours as paid time, which is a violation of California's Wage Order 7. Tilly's argued that "calling in" was not reporting for work. Courts disagreed.

Are you protected from dangerous emotional support animals?

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An emotional support dog bit a 5-year-old girl who tried to pet it at the airport in 2017. The incident sparked a $1.1 million law suit and left the girl's face permanently scarred. In 2018, United Airlines wouldn't let a woman and her emotional support peacock on a flight.

While emotional support animals (ESAs) can help their owners lead normal lives, the legal system is far behind on the subject. That's because emotional support animals are often confused with service animals. This confusion puts bystanders and pet owners at risk.

Do California's strict hands-free cell phone laws keep you safe?

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California lawmakers have been cracking down on cellphone use while driving for years. As of 2017, you can't have your cellphone in your hand for any reason. The goal is to lower the rate of distracted driving, but has it worked?

In California, the number of drivers who use cellphones while driving is up, but the numbers aren't that bad overall.

Is it safer for you to ride an electric scooter or a bicycle?

Hundreds of bicyclists die in crashes every year in the U.S. However, there is not a lot of data available about the dangers of electric scooters (or e-scooters). These scooters are a popular option, especially in Southern California. Are they any safer than bicycles?

Are more people injured on scooters than bicycles?

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