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Truck driver chokes, causes fatal truck accident in California?

In a fairly bizarre turn of events, the driver of a big rig who nearly choked on food he was eating stands accused of causing a fatal collision in California. The tragic truck accident happened not too far from Sacramento when the driver of a tractor trailer lost consciousness after choking on food. While he did return to alertness fairly quickly, that awakening came too late for the two people who died and the two others who were injured in the incident.

Fatal California truck accident kills 2, injures 3 others

When drivers take to California roadways, they owe a duty of reasonable care toward other drivers, vehicle passengers and pedestrians alike. Unfortunately, a car or truck accident can happen much more quickly than many people can anticipate. Too often, such truck accidents prove fatal to victims and sometimes lead to wrongful death lawsuits in order for surviving family members to cover their financial losses after an unexpected death.

Child killed, another injured in California truck accident

Accidents between trucks and cars can be especially devastating due to the fact that a much larger and heavier truck can cause such extensive damage to a smaller vehicle. One recent California truck accident has tragically taken the life of a toddler and left another child in critical condition. The collision involved four vehicles, including a tow truck which rear-ended a Ford Fusion carrying a family of five.

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