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Car vs. motorcycle accident kills 1 California rider

No matter how experienced a California driver of a car or rider of a motorcycle may be, no one can predict the actions of another person on the road. This may include everything from speeding, abrupt lane changes and even driving in the wrong direction on the freeway or highway. Even though a motorcycle is more maneuverable in most situations, it cannot always outrun an unavoidable motorcycle accident.

California motorcycle accident takes the life of off-duty officer

Police officers accept a certain amount of risk every time they put on their uniforms. Among these risks is the possibility of motor vehicle accidents since patrol officers spend a good deal of their shifts on California's roads. However, once they remove their uniforms, they expect their risk of injury or death in a car or motorcycle accident to be no more than that of anyone else.

Motorcycle accident may lead to wrongful death suit

Motorcycle riders are undoubtedly the most vulnerable drivers on the road. They do not have the cushion of a car around them, meaning they potentially stand the greatest risk of getting hurt in an accident. Having negligent or reckless drivers in the vicinity increases the likelihood that, if something does go wrong and a motorcycle accident occurs, the motorcycle rider will most likely endure serious, if not fatal, injuries.

Rider dies, others injured in motorcycle accident, man arrested

A recent multi-vehicle accident that occurred in California proved fatal for a motorcycle rider and left another man facing serious criminal charges. The fatal motorcycle accident also caused injuries to several other people as it involved the accused in his car, two other cars and a tractor-trailer. The motorcycle rider was pronounced dead at the scene.

California motorcycle accident claims biker's life

Whenever a California biker heads out onto the open road, he or she is at risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident. That's why it's critical that all bikers and their passengers wear protective gear. However, sometimes the collision of a motorcycle accident is so severe that the rider is simply unable to sustain the injuries suffered, no matter what vigilant measures he or she has taken.

Fatal California motorcycle accident attributed to wood pallet

Several accidents around the country and in California are caused by some sort of debris on the roadway. For example, a recent motorcycle accident appears to have been caused by a wood pallet on the southbound side of the 101 Freeway. The motorcycle rider ended up dying from the injuries he sustained in the crash.

Motorcycle accident claims the life of California man

All it takes is a moment of distraction or negligence while driving for a life to be lost on the roadways. When a driver fails to see an on-coming vehicle, especially a small vehicle like a motorcycle, a collision is almost certain to occur. Because cyclists have limited protection, a motorcycle accident can lead to catastrophic results that can affect many more people than just those directly involved.

Rider dies in California hit-and-run motorcycle accident

A fatal hit-and-run accident can leave California families struggling with the emotions and financial hardships that can come from unexpectedly losing a loved one, not to mention the fact that the alleged perpetrator attempted to flee justice. One recent hit-and-run motorcycle accident left a 57-year-old man riding a Harley Davidson dead. The driver of the pickup truck believed to have fatally struck the man did not stop to render aid or speak with authorities.

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