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Elderly woman killed in Los Angeles truck accident

Understandably, a truck accident can have devastating consequences. The sheer weight and size of these often massive vehicles is no match for pedestrians and even the occupants of smaller vehicles. Recently, an elderly woman lost her life in a horrific truck accident in the Lincoln Heights section of Los Angeles.

Large flatbed causes truck accident by hitting oncoming car

When a large flat-bed truck towing a trailer crosses the center line and is about to hit your vehicle head-on, there's not much left to do. Unfortunately, a similar truck accident happened in California recently on Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County near Dos Pueblos Canyon. A large flatbed truck hauling a trailer was headed north when it crossed the center divider and collided with a vehicle going southbound.

Woman dies in recent motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are small vehicles compared to other vehicles that share the road. Drivers of these bikes may feel empowered by their small size, believing they have greater flexibility on the roads than larger vehicles due to their ability to navigate smaller spaces with greater ease. However, this is not always the case, and a motorcycle accident can happen with the same frequency as any other automobile accident. One California couple was tragically involved in a fatal motorcycle accident in Southern California near Julian on May 19.

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