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December 2019 Archives

Are airlines cutting corners at the expense of your safety?

The airline industry has changed significantly over the decades. Airlines function to get you where you want to go quickly and in the most efficient way possible. Seats have gotten smaller and so have the in-flight meals. Flying seems to be more about utility than it is about leisure and is more a means to an end than part of the traveling experience.

Could you develop PTSD after a car accident?

Whether you had time to see it coming or not, when the accident happened, your life changed in those precious seconds. It can be difficult to forget the sounds and smells that accompanied the crash. Just getting back into a car afterward may cause serious anxiety. In fact, you may even get nauseous and feel like throwing up. You could experience a rush of adrenaline and want nothing more than to get out of the vehicle.

Having a bad day? It could adversely affect your driving

Everyone has bad days. From the moment you wake up in the morning, you just know. You just want to go back to bed, go back to sleep and start over at another time. Sadly, few people have the luxury of following through with that plan. You may not think your mood will affect your ability to drive safely, but it could. 

Why is the holiday season the most dangerous time for driving?

You may not have to worry about snow, ice and all manner of wintry weather in Southern California, but that doesn't mean your holiday travel won't be without its dangers. As you schedule your parties and other holiday gatherings with family, friends and colleagues, you should also plan your routes.

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