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September 2019 Archives

Did you suffer discrimination at work because of a disability?

While the federal government provides you with protections due to your disability, California does as well. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing investigates complaints of discrimination as long as you file a complaint within one year of when you say you suffered it.

Ways to take your safety into your own hands on California roads

There are more vehicles on Southern California roadways than ever before. Putting that many vehicles and that many drivers into the same space is a recipe for disaster. You have to trust that others are paying attention and won't make mistakes. However, you know that's not always the case.

An increase in truck accidents increases your risk on the road

Tens of thousands of motor vehicle accidents happen across the country each year. While the number of people who lost their lives dropped 2% in 2017 from the previous year, the number of accidents involving trucks rose 9%. Data indicates that 4,671 people died in crashes involving trucks in 2017, and 72% of those fatalities were in passenger vehicles.

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