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August 2019 Archives

Do you know who or what is responsible after a trucking accident?

Did you know that the average 18-wheeler you share Southern California's roads with can weigh up to 80,000 pounds? That's a max weight of 40 tons. To put that into perspective, passenger vehicles ranging from small cars to pickup trucks weigh between averages of approximately 1.5 tons to around 2.5 tons.

What is glyphosate, and why is it so dangerous?

If you own a home in Southern California, you may use Monsanto's Roundup to control the weeds in your yard. If you eat products made from soybeans or corn, you should know that these products are genetically engineered to tolerate herbicides and are "Roundup ready." In fact, around 94% of soybeans and 90% of corn grown in this country contain Roundup. 

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