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What can you do if your child suffered a football injury?

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If your child received a head injury on the football field, he might not suffer the full consequences until years later. When that happens, will you be able to seek compensation?

The NCAA is currently tangled in 300 lawsuits related to former football players who allege that the organization mishandled their concussions. As a result, they say they suffered serious brain injuries. However, their futures are uncertain.

What makes these cases difficult?

There are several factors that make any personal injury case challenging. If a disease or injury produces symptoms years later, it can be difficult to prove the cause of the symptoms even though it may feel obvious to you.

A lot of information is available on the link between concussions and playing football. However, your case could rely on proving that an organization, such as the NCAA, caused injury or suffering by failing to do their duty to protect their players.

Other factors that can complicate your case:

  • You may not be able to sue public universities due to state sovereignty laws.
  • The NCAA may be able to cap compensation for injured student athletes in exchange for an athletic scholarship. This lawsuit is currently pending in California federal court.
  • A previous legal agreement blocks players from bringing large personal injury class-action lawsuits against the NCAA.

However, coaches, athletic programs and schools always have a duty to protect their students. Head injuries are among the most serious injuries because they can have life-changing consequences. Without the right legal team, it can be intimidating to confront a large organization after a serious injury.

While injuries are a sad truth for any athletic program, students count on their schools and mentors to help keep them safe. If their inaction or inexperience caused your student to suffer after a serious injury, you may want to explore your legal options.

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