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Could your sunroof explode? Hundreds already have.

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Car owners everywhere have heard an ear-splitting crash above their heads. There wasn't a gunshot or a meteor strike, as some have described the noise, but their sunroof cracked and shattered without warning.

Your sunroof may also be in danger of shattering unexpectedly. Although reports of exploding sunroofs date back to 1995, there has been a massive spike in reports since 2017. Affected cars come from nearly every major manufacturer.

Consumer Reports suspects reported explosions only make up a fraction of total incidents.

What could cause a sunroof to explode?

Kia blames the exploding sunroofs on road debris. When debris collides with the sunroof it can cause small cracks. This leaves the glass vulnerable to extreme temperature changes and vibrations that can cause further cracking and an eventual explosion.

If your sunroof shade guard is not closed, and the sunroof explodes, the explosion can cause hundreds of bits and shards of glass to fly inside the car. This can endanger the driver or any passengers in the vehicle at the time.

What have auto manufacturers done in response?

Your sunroof could explode in any month, at any temperature. They could also be from any auto manufacturer or any model with a sunroof. So far, very few auto manufacturers have issued recalls or warnings. Several pending lawsuits might be to blame, or lack of funding for research.

Many drivers feel that the danger lies in the glass itself. Auto glass must meet national and international standards. However, many feel these standards are outdated or not strict enough for modern cars.

If your sunroof shatters, it could put you at an increased risk of injury or crash. If you or your family are injured, you are entitled to compensation for your losses.

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