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How to avoid a sexual predator posing as your Uber driver

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Three women filed a lawsuit against Uber after they were sexually assaulted by two men posing as their Uber drivers. These drivers targeted the intoxicated women on three separate incidents.

The women's lawsuit claims that Uber has known about predators posing as fake drivers since November 2014 but failed to warn their customers. Uber advertises that they aim to provide a safe ride home. Sadly, predators have used it as an opportunity to attack vulnerable people.

Are there ways to protect passengers and drivers?

On busy nights, some customers end up in the wrong vehicle by accident. Uber provides customers and drivers details to help identify each other. These include:

  • Uber window stickers
  • Passenger and driver first names
  • Car make
  • Car color
  • License plate number

However, the lawsuit argues that these are not enough to safeguard customers. The victims of this lawsuit exited clubs in downtown Los Angeles and West Hollywood, and their real drivers did little or nothing to follow-up with their missing passengers. 

What has Uber done to help?

Uber cannot comment on active lawsuits. However, they told a local news outlet that they are concerned about the fake driver incidents.

Uber launched a campaign in 2017 to educate their customers about identifying the correct driver and passenger. They also stated that they pair with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and law enforcement agencies nationwide to help keep passengers safe.

If you decide to hire an Uber or other ride-hailing service, take your safety seriously. Sometimes mistakes are due to inattention, misidentifying vehicles or intoxication. Do what you can to keep yourself safe. If you are injured or assaulted, report it to the police and learn about your legal options.

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