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Can you relate to this woman's case of pregnancy discrimination?

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It's another rags-to-riches story. Once a single, working mom, Lynda Resnick is a self-made billionaire and co-owner of The Wonderful Company, which sells special food items. Like so many women, she faced many challenges in her 74 years because of her gender.

Early in 2018, hosts of a female empowerment conference in Los Angeles welcomed Resnick to the stage. There, she discussed how few leadership opportunities there are for women. She stressed how important the #MeToo movement has been in bringing the lasting problem of workplace sexual harassment to the national stage. However, it is ironic that Resnick now faces a complaint from a female employee alleging discrimination.

Fired for having a baby

The unnamed woman was a successful marketing director for The Wonderful Company for eight years. During those eight years, she reports witnessing Resnick expressing hostility for women who became pregnant. During an interview for a promotion, the complainant experienced this first-hand when Resnick pointedly asked if she was pregnant -- a question that is illegal to ask at both the state and federal level.

When the employee later became pregnant, she describes how her position in the company began to fall apart. In her complaint, she describes instances of being blackballed including:

  • Having all of her work increasingly called into question
  • Insinuations that Resnick was "unhappy" with her, with no reason provided
  • Getting terminated on the exact date that her FMLA protected maternity leave ended despite protections that California laws provide to new mothers

The former employee has sued for wrongful termination and pregnancy discrimination. Even women-owned businesses are not safe for female employees. If you believe you are a victim of discrimination or harassment at work, learn about your legal options, and take action.

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