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Were you forced to pay an illegal tax in Palo Alto?

If you are a resident of Palo Alto who uses a cell phone and has a landline, you could be eligible to recoup unlawfully collected utility taxes. In 2006, it was determined that taxes not billed by both time and distance are not collectable.

According to legal claims against the City of Palo Alto, the city continued to collect taxes on Palo Alto residents' phone bills in violation of current laws. A class action lawsuit has been ongoing for several years. Additional people who are — or were affected — may join in on the lawsuit. Those who join may be entitled to a return of the taxes paid.

You are qualified to join the lawsuit if:

  • You own a cell phone and a landline
  • Your cell phone bill and landline bill were/are bundled on the same bill
  • Your home address on your phone bill is located in the city of Palo Alto

A representative from Palo Alto is needed. Could it be you?

In a class action lawsuit, one person agrees to be the name and face representing the victims. Someone who lives in Palo Alto is needed to represent the residents of that city for people who had bundled phone services This representative may receive additional compensation for the role he or she plays.

Recently a California court granted Class Certification with respect to certain cellular phone users. The court indicated that it would grant certification with respect to a class of users that had bundled services during this period. We are looking for a class representative for that proposed class.

Are you qualified to be a class representative?

Being the class representative for a class action case is not as complicated as one might expect. It does not require legal background or even familiarity with the law. A class representative is simply someone who is willing to stand up and represent a group of victims — in this case, Palo Alto taxpayers.

Whether you are already a class member or you think you may qualify as a resident of Palo Alto, you could be the representative needed to keep this case moving forward. If you have a cell phone bundled with landline services and you paid a Utility User Tax, contact the law firm of Girardi | Keese to join the class action law suit or to volunteer as the Class Representative.

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