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Say Goodbye to the Jackknifing Semi - Apparently

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With the pending SpaceX mission to Mars and the broader long-term plan to colonize the Red Planet, Elon Musk promises to liberate humanity from the shackles of single-planet domination, and turn us into an interplanetary species, complete with increased odds of surviving cataclysmic events like climate change or nuclear annihilation.

But, first, he's going to put an end to the propensity of big rigs to jackknife on the road.

It's tough not to admire a figure like Elon Musk. Co-founding PayPal, along with an earlier couple of start-ups, netted Musk the seed money he needed for his future household-name ventures, Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Musk is the quintessential entrepreneur of our time. As towering a figure as the late Steve Jobs, Musk may prove to have made an impact on society felt for decades, perhaps even centuries, if his Mars plan bears fruit.

Limit the analysis to innovation in earthly vehicles like cars and big rigs, though, and you still feel the impact.

'Jackknifing with this truck is gone. You don't have to worry about it.'

At a recent unveiling of two new Tesla vehicles, one a sports car reportedly capable of going zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds (with a $200K price tag), the other an electric big rig with a reported 500-mile range on one charge, Musk was classic Musk with his "theatrics," as the Los Angeles Times wrote.

It's these theatrics that have critics sniffing the air for missteps - Musk is known for making promises that don't always end up being fulfilled in a timely manner. What's striking, though, is that they often do end up being fulfilled, even if it is behind schedule.

This big rig will hit the road in 2019, according to Musk, but whether it's 2019 or a few years later, we will all benefit from large trucks equipped with instability sensors and brake actuators that will counteract the jackknife tendency.

We can all agree that it will be a good thing.

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