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Girardi | Keese Fyre Festival Class-Action Lawsuit

On May 2, 2017, Girardi | Keese filed a class action lawsuit against the Fyre Festival, and its organizers, on behalf of a number of consumers who were fraudulently sold tickets to the festival.

Our class-action complaint against the Fyre Festival:


Read a full copy of our Complaint for a more detailed understanding of what happened.

Do these experiences sound familiar to you?

Fyre ad.png

Fyre Festival Advertising

Those who came and sought a once in a lifetime experience on Exuma, something Fyre's advertising led people to believe was possible, were in for something completely different. And they were in it for anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000. As described in our complaint, Fyre affected consumers in different categories of harm:

  1. Those who had already purchased tickets but didn't bother to travel to Exuma after hearing from others what awaited.
  2. Those who had purchased tickets and were on their way to Exuma but were unable to reach the island, due to subsequent flight cancellations and travel restrictions.
  3. Those who made it to Exuma and were stuck on the island for any length of time.

Those who embarked on the Fyre "journey," hoping to ignite their curiosity and passion, soon discovered that they should've stayed home. At home, presumably there was at least some semblance of music, culture, and food - because none of that existed at the Fyre Festival on Exuma.

A visual representation of those 'luxury cabanas':

luxe cabanas.pngLuxury Cabanas

As Vanity Fair described, would-be partygoers arrived to find makeshift tents of the type FEMA distributes in the wake of a natural disaster. In this case, however, the disaster was entirely manmade. It looked nothing like the social media advertising Fyre Media and its "celebrity influencers" blasted on the web prior to April 28, 2017.

To quote the class-action complaint:

"When festival attendees arrived in Exuma, they found the actual conditions to be horrific. The festival grounds were barren and disorganized. Luggage was haphazardly thrown from shipping crates onto the beach. The villas that were billed as upscale beach tents were tents that resembled those used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in times of disaster. The tents themselves were empty and did not include any furnishings. Festival staff were nowhere to be found. As partygoers began to grasp the dire nature of the situation, upon witnessing the complete lack of infrastructure necessary to host such an event, a panic enveloped the crowd. People were stuck on the island with no way off."

Want to hold Fyre accountable?

At Girardi | Keese, we are Los Angeles lawyers spearheading the case against the people who charged thousands to attend this music festival, but never bothered to tell anyone that they could not pull it off properly. Billy McFarland stated, "We were a little naïve in thinking for the first time we could do this ourselves. Next year, we will definitely start earlier."

For now, rather than worry about a second attempt, let's hold the organizers accountable to the failure of the first. If you were one of those who purchased tickets to Fyre, and want to speak with a lawyer about your options, call Girardi | Keese at 800-401-4530.

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