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May 2017 Archives

California Highway Patrol Doubts Uber's Claim about Its Autonomous Big Rigs

There seems to be a discrepancy between what Uber says it does and what it actually does. An internal memo revealed that Uber tests its autonomous big rigs on California highways - even though it tells state authorities otherwise.

The Berkeley Balcony Collapse: A Violation of Trust

Berkeley balcony collapse

"It's hard to imagine the pain inflicted on these wonderful young students and the massive grief to moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and friends. The pain is even worse when you realize that this was totally preventable. This company has had to pay out millions of dollars for bad balconies causing harm to innocent people. One would think that any company with integrity, once they knew of a problem, would immediately do something about it. If it weren't fixing the balconies, then at least making them inaccessible. Our law firm, Girardi & Keese, is continuing to investigate every possible aspect of this terrible tragedy and we will continue to update the public." - Attorney Tom Girardi

Lawsuits After California Sporting Event Accidents

Athletes aren't the only ones injured at sporting events. Fans can also suffer injuries from slip and falls, trip and falls, accident debris and even assault. Certain spectator accidents make the news. In 2011, news outlets told the story of a fan who suffered brain damage after a brutal attack in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. This year, we heard about a NASCAR Daytona 500 crash that sent debris hurtling toward fans.

Injured At L.A. LIVE?

Premises Liability Lawsuits Against Negligent L.A. LIVE Property Owners

When you go to L.A. LIVE for a concert, movie, sports event or dinner, you expect to have a good time. Yet, like in any entertainment district, some people leave with injuries caused by slip-and-falls, inadequate security and improper maintenance. If you were injured in an L.A. LIVE venue, hotel or restaurant, can you bring a lawsuit against L.A. LIVE or the business owners who failed to protect you?

Helmet Maker Riddell Found Liable For Failure To Warn Of Concussion Risk

In 2000, a biomechanics company gave helmet manufacturer Riddell a warning: Football helmets, no matter how well they protect against skull fractures, cannot protect against concussions. Riddell, however, gave the warning little notice and claimed that its "Revolution" football helmet would reduce the risk of concussion injury by 31 percent.

Call for Tougher Legislation to Prevent Bed Rail Injuries

With the American population increasing in age, more care for seniors is being administered. Some seniors receive care while still in their homes, while others move to assisted living facilities. A common denominator for both scenarios is the increased use of hospital beds with adjustable rails. The rails keep patients from falling out of bed, and help patients who suffer from illnesses that make them prone to wandering off stay in a safe location.

Brain Injuries and NFL Players

American football can be a violent sport. It is, after all, a sport where contact is required. The NFL takes dangerous contact seriously, leveling fines against players who deliver unnecessarily violent hits. Yet, there is plenty of room for improvement.

Avoiding Ponzi Schemes, Protecting Your Investments

In December 2008, Bernie Madoff reminded the world about the devastation Ponzi schemes can cause for victims of financial crimes. In order to protect their financial interests, investors should learn how to identify a Ponzi scheme; those who have already been swindled should be aware that it may be possible to hold fraudulent actors responsible through a class action lawsuit.

As Cheerleaders Take More Risks, Cheerleading Head Injuries Rise

In November 2012, an NBA cheerleader fell on her head while doing a stunt at a basketball game. She suffered mild head injuries, a broken rib and broken vertebrae. Her fall is not the first of its kind in a sport that is becoming increasingly dangerous. In fact, according to Dr. Jeff Mjaanes, a sports medicine pediatrician, "Cheerleading is probably the highest risk sport for a catastrophic head and neck injury."

Courtroom Sketch of Tom Girardi Part of New Library of Congress Exhibit

The Columbia Journalism Review has a May 9 piece detailing everybody's favorite works of art: Courtroom sketches. The first is Bill Robles' sketch of Tom Girardi in court with his client Bryan Stow. Stow was the victim of a brutal assault at Dodger Stadium in 2011.

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