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Is 'Justice' an Empty Word in Today's America?

If you consider organizations like Inner City Law Center - whose tagline is "serving the most vulnerable in Los Angeles" - the answer is an emphatic no. Justice is not an empty word in today's America.

How will we keep the idea of justice alive?

Our society isn't perfect (at times, far from it), and the same goes for our legal system, but those who fight for justice play a key role in making life better for people and for society as a whole.

About a month ago, ICLC hosted its 16th annual luncheon, in which it honored Girardi | Keese for our support. "Thanks to you," wrote ICLC, "it was a smashing success! We couldn't continue to fight for equality without you."

Justice takes the work of organizations like Inner City Law Center.

As we wrote then, we are proud to support ICLC, which fights for justice for those who need it most, day in, day out. As much as we value ICLC's recognition, ICLC and its dedicated staff of attorneys, employees, and volunteers also deserve recognition.

ICLC does the hard work of serving the most vulnerable in Los Angeles, those afflicted by HIV, disability, homelessness, and the list goes on. ICLC helps the working poor, low-income tenants, veterans, and others, who would otherwise fall through the cracks, and who are just as deserving of justice in America as every other citizen.

To ICLC, we at Girardi | Keese thank you.

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