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$3,551,037 Verdict in Madero v. Broughton

Congratulations Christopher T. Aumais!

The Madero Verdict

On Feb. 4, 2016, a San Bernardino County jury delivered an exceptionally high verdict in an area normally known for notoriously low jury awards in personal injury cases.

The case - led by Girardi | Keese attorney Christopher T. Aumais - involved a fatal head-on collision on Highway 62 in San Bernardino County. DJ Madero, only 16 years old, lost her life in the crash and her mother suffered serious injuries.

The jury awarded damages totaling $3.55 million, a top verdict in an area where juries in similar cases typically return $1 - $2 million, at most.

What Happened

The fatal crash occurred on July 6, 2011, as the family drove through San Bernardino County on their family vacation. As they set out on Highway 62, another driver approached from the opposite direction, veered over the centerline, and recklessly caused the catastrophic crash.

This head-on collision tragically resulted in the death of DJ Mariah Madero and serious injuries to Mrs. Eloisa Madero.

The Unanimous Verdict

The Defendant and her insurance company argued a "sudden emergency" defense, claiming that the gravel shoulder caused the car to veer across the road. The Defendant alleged improper seatbelt use on the part of DJ Mariah Madero and also alleged comparative negligence on the part of the mother, Mrs. Eloisa Madero.

The San Bernardino County jury found the Defendant's arguments unpersuasive and unanimously agreed that the Defendant's negligence was the sole cause of the crash. The $3.55 million verdict included damages for the daughter's wrongful death as well as for the mother's catastrophic injuries, which included disfigurement, physical impairment, extensive pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

We are Proud of This Result

This case impacted the Madero family forever at no fault of their own. Girardi | Keese attorney Christopher T. Aumais worked diligently to present the jury with evidence and the facts of this case to prove the Defendant was negligent in this horrific accident.

Justice in personal injury and wrongful death cases comes down to adequate financial compensation. For this family, it was essential to help with Mrs. Madero's past and future medical needs, as well as with the loss of DJ's love and companionship. The Madero family deserves no less, and we are honored to have advocated on their behalf.

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