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Nightstands that pose burn hazard recalled

There is an expectation in the part of most consumers that the products they purchase will not inflict any harm upon them when they use it as intended. Despite this expectation, defective products are regularly sold to those residing throughout the country, including in Los Angeles, California. These defective items cover a wide variety of product types from food, to automobiles as well as items used regularly in households.

Recently a nightstand sold both in stores as well as online was recalled. The nightstand is outfitted with a halogen light fixed underneath the piece of furniture. It is possible that the light can overheat posing a burn hazard. While thus far no burn injuries have been reported, several incidents involving scorched carpets have.

It is fortunate that no one has been hurt as a result of this defective product. Severe burns can be extremely painful to recover from and take a long time to heal. In addition, it is not uncommon for serious scars that are also painful to be left behind as a permanent physical reminder of the injury long after it has healed.

When a defective product results in injuries it is possible that the person injured could file a products liability lawsuit against the parties responsible for the design, manufacture or distribution of the product. Anything recovered in this type of case could help to cover the expenses such as medical bills that often quickly accrue when someone suffers a serious injury.

As a part of the recall the nightstands are being repaired free of charge. Consumers will also receive a $50 gift card. Until the unit is fixed it should not be used.

Source: Furniture Today, “Lea Inds. recalls lighted nightstands for burn hazard,” Aug. 8, 2014

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