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Four injured in Six Flags accident in California

Visiting an amusement park such as Six Flags is supposed to be fun. Anybody who gets on one of the rides expects it to be 100 percent safe at all times. Unfortunately, an accident at a Six Flags amusement park in California has people wondering what went wrong.

According to reports, four people were injured in an accident when a tree branch fell on the tracks of a roller coaster. Six Flags Magic Mountain, one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, was the scene of the accident. The four people were injured while riding on the Ninja roller coaster, with two of the people taken to a local hospital for treatment.

A woman who witnessed the incident said, "It was just a lot of leaf noise and then cracking noises and crashing noises and a lot of screaming."

Even though these types of accidents are very rare, they do occur from time to time. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions noted that 4.3 people are injured for every one million who attend amusement parks located in the United States.

In addition to those who were injured, others were stuck on the ride for many hours, waiting for rescue crews to secure the scene and bring them down to safety.

An accident like this is not very common, but it can lead to personal injury, as four people experienced. It also is sure to cause a negative buzz around the amusement park industry, as people begin to question whether or not their favorite rides are truly safe.

Source: CNN, "Six Flags roller coaster car derails, 4 injured" Holly Yan, Jul. 08, 2014

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