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6 lose their lives in a wrong-way car accident in California

Driving an automobile is one of the primary means of travel in the United States. The vast system of roads and highways allows for quick and easy transportation. However, there is the ever-present chance of something going wrong -- someone making a simple mistake -- and a car accident taking place. California drivers should understand the risks of collisions, especially wrong-way crashes.

A recent motor vehicle accident in California took the lives of six individuals, four of whom were family. While traveling down the freeway, they were struck by the speeding vehicle of an apparent drunk driver. The 21-year-old driver is facing criminal charges of DUI and manslaughter. This accident was nearly identical to another devastating crash across the country, as drivers heading down a highway in the wrong direction caused both.

Although when looking at the total number of accidents in the country, wrong-way collisions only compose a small percentage, the results tend to be much more severe in this type of crash. Impairment due to intoxication is a factor in over half of all wrong-way crashes. Most of these deadly accidents occur on weekends between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. While the amount of wrong-way collisions is solely a fraction of the total number of motor vehicle crashes, they result in approximately 360 deaths.

Any car accident has the potential to take the life of someone involved. When two or more cars meet traveling in opposite directions and typically at high speeds, the results tend to be extraordinarily devastating. The loved ones of those who were killed in the fatal drunk driving accident in California have the right to file claims for wrongful death on behalf of their lost family members. These claims can assist with the medical expenses and funeral costs they now face because of this tragic accident.

Source: Fox News, Highway horror: Wrong-way crashes kill 11 in Florida, California, No author, Feb. 10, 2014

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