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February 2014 Archives

Man accused of driving drunk, causing car accident

Far too many car crashes in California involve impaired drivers. For all the potential causes of a car accident, driving while intoxicated is one that can be controlled by those who choose to consume alcohol. Families who are unfortunate enough to have their lives turned upside down by the poor choices of a drunk driver should never have to endure such senseless pain, but, time and again, too many are forced to do so. Recently, a man has been accused here in California of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs after another man's life was lost in a wrong-way car accident.

California's medical malpractice law could change

Our California readers have likely been staying current with the political battle regarding the state's medical malpractice law. While there are people on both sides of the fight, there is a good chance that it could be coming to a voting booth in the near future.

California car accident recalled by sole surviving victim

It is possible that the only reason a California man survived a horrific crash was because his was not the first vehicle hit by a suspected drunk driver. As it is, the sole surviving victim suffered non-life threatening injuries not only from the impact, but also from pieces of his vehicle's interior that were imbedded in his body. Six other people died in the tragic car accident.

Hot Pockets recalled for 'diseased' meat

When you purchase something at your grocery store in Los Angeles, you expect that it has been approved for consumption. While usually food products have been well-inspected before being distributed to retailers, a recent recall of Hot Pockets shows that sometimes things slip through the cracks.

Auto accident kills 3 sisters, injures another

Our California readers are well aware of how dangerous the roadways in the state can be. Even when you are being careful, it is impossible to know what others are doing. A recent auto accident in Fresno County killed three sisters and led to another, the fourth sister, being sent to the hospital for treatment.

6 lose their lives in a wrong-way car accident in California

Driving an automobile is one of the primary means of travel in the United States. The vast system of roads and highways allows for quick and easy transportation. However, there is the ever-present chance of something going wrong -- someone making a simple mistake -- and a car accident taking place. California drivers should understand the risks of collisions, especially wrong-way crashes.

NHTSA announces fourth largest car seat recall in history

Every day, hundreds of thousands of parents across the nation go through the ritual of making sure that their children are safely buckled in their car seats and that the car seat itself is firmly secured inside the vehicle. This important step gives already anxious parents peace of mind in knowing that their child is protected in the event of a motor vehicle accident or other traffic-related incident.

Several injured and another dead in California car accident

Driving on California roads can seem like a perilous task at times as most roads in the state are continuously busy. This does not make for ideal driving conditions, and the probability of being involved in a car accident tends to increase with higher amounts of traffic. While many accidents that occur result in minor fender benders, sadly, there are those that have more tragic results.

NHTSA releases final recall numbers for 2013

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released its annual report outlining which automakers had the largest number of recalls over the preceding 12 months. While the report didn't contain too many surprises, it did show how car companies are continuing to struggle with large-scale recalls spanning not thousands, but rather millions of vehicles.

California teen dies, drivers avoid serious injuries

People will never state that they would prefer their pastimes come to an end because of an accident. Recreational activities are supposed to be fun-filled occasions where individuals can enjoy the company of their family and friends. Unfortunately, what may be a joyous gathering can lead to serious injuries or a tragic loss. A local California teen recently died after being involved in an early afternoon crash.

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