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Death of young physician leads to lawsuit

In some cases, a medical malpractice lawsuit is filed by the victim. In other cases, such as when the person dies, the lawsuit is filed by one of his or her loved ones. Our California readers will find this story out of Pennsylvania informative, as it discusses the finer details of a medical malpractice lawsuit filed by a woman's parents.

The 26-year-old woman, who had recently graduated from medical school, filed a lawsuit against Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, the facility at which she received treatment before she passed away. According to the lawsuit, the woman had an "easily diagnosable, treatable and entirely correctable" blood clot when she arrived for treatment in May. At that time, she was complaining of a headache that had lasted 10 days.

The lawsuit goes on to add that the woman suffered a "painful death." She had massive cerebral hemorrhaging, as well as a stroke and brain damage.

In the lawsuit, the woman's parents said that doctors failed to spot the blood clot that should have been obvious if the proper protocol had been followed. Instead, she was given pain medication and a number of tests - none of which included a head imaging study. The hospital as well as Geisinger Health System and also Geisinger Health System Foundation were all named as defendants in the suit. The young woman's parents are seeking unspecified damages that will include total estimated future earnings.

A personal injury attorney with medical malpractice experience can advise anybody who is put in the unenviable position of losing a loved one as a result of a medical error. If they have a case, an attorney can work to get civil damages to help with financial losses as well as the pain and suffering caused by the negligence of medical professionals.

Source:, "Lawsuit: Negligence in death of young doctor" Bob Kalinowski, Jan. 09, 2014

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