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January 2014 Archives

CPSC urging parents to take action after hope chest tragedy

It may surprise most people to learn that one of the largest recalls of children's products ever undertaken by the Consumer Product Safety Commission did not involve toys, cribs, highchairs, pacifiers or even clothing. Rather it involved a piece of furniture that had the ability to trap and suffocate unsuspecting children looking for a good hiding place.

Product defects in California leaving people in the hospital

Most people buy products, including food, expecting them to be safe and healthy. Customers should not have to worry about whether every product is dangerous to their health as they contemplate whether they should buy it. Unfortunately, sometimes recalls, product defects or disease outbreaks, like a recent one in California, can cause people to be more cautious about their purchases.

Fatal pedestrian vs. truck accident kills California mother

A pedestrian death is always very sad, particularly if the circumstances that led up to the fatality are rather unclear. Recently, a California mother was tragically struck and killed by a utility truck as she was walking her daughter and a neighbor to school. Now, the people who loved her are searching for answers as investigators continue to look into how this horrific truck accident occurred. It is not yet known if the driver will be charged.

Popular energy drink now under fire from multiple prosecutors

If you were to enter virtually any convenience store in the United States and walk to the coolers in back, there's a very good chance that you'd see several shelves full of energy drinks. In fact, you may even notice that these products have now pushed both soft drinks and sports drinks to the lower shelves.

Fiery crash leave 3 dead, 1 with serious injuries

Some car crashes leave authorities with numerous questions in the early stages of investigations. Whether that is due to lack of witnesses or a lack of apparent contributing factors, sometimes it takes authorities longer to reconstruct some accidents. So seems to be the case with a California accident that left three people dead and one with serious injuries.

Online retailer targeted with lawsuit

Despite the fact that the Internet has done big things for millions of people and businesses throughout the world, it has also brought forward a variety of additional concerns. For this reason, it is not uncommon for a lawsuit to be filed as a result of something that originated online.

1 died, 1 injured in tragic Christmas week car accident

Fatal car crashes seem more tragic during the holiday season. Residents of California and across the nation are gathering together to celebrate with each other. A family having to withstand the tragedy brought on by suddenly losing a loved one in a car accident seems especially tragic.

Tour bus crash injures 13 people

Many people rely on tour buses to take them from one destination to the next, ensuring that they get to see what they want without having to take on the responsibility of driving. Passengers agree to ride on a tour bus with the notion that they will be safe at all times; however, this is not always the way things work out.

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