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Highway rollover accident results in injury to driver

An auto accident that takes place on a highway can be extremely dangerous. Not only are the vehicles involved traveling at a high rate of speed, but the number of cars in close proximity often times leads to a chain reaction.

Our California readers may not spend much time in the state of Arizona, but even so, you may be interested in what is happening on the roadways in neighboring states.

On the morning of Oct. 22, a rollover accident on Highway 89A sent one person to the hospital. As a result of the accident, Prescott Valley Police, as well as Central Yavapai Fire and Lifeline Ambulance, were called to the scene. According to a member of the police force, the accident was a result of one car cutting off another. Subsequently, the vehicle that was cut off hit the barrier and eventually rolled back onto the highway.

The victim in the accident was a 17-year-old girl. She was immediately taken to Yavapai Regional Medical Hospital East for treatment. From there, she was transported via air to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

At this time, there is no report as to whether or not the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident was injured. However, the driver has been cited by police for changing lanes in an unsafe manner.

In this case, one driver was following the rules of the road while traveling down the highway. Unfortunately, another driver was not paying attention, which led to a serious accident. The end result was a 17-year-old girl sustaining injuries and being taken to two local hospitals for treatment.

This story shows how important it is for everybody to share the road. Even if you are obeying traffic laws, you never know what somebody around you is going to do. Those who are injured due to another's negligence or recklessness may be able to recover compensation for such claims as medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. Personal injury attorneys can provide advice and options to injured people.

Source:  The Prescott Valley Tribune, "Rollover accident on Highway 89A" No author given, Oct. 24, 2013

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