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October 2013 Archives

New regulations issued by CPSC for baby bassinets after deaths

Losing a loved one because of dangerous or unsafe products is never an easy thing to handle. This is especially true if that loved one is your own child whose life had barely just begun. This was the main thought of the Consumer Product Safety Commission when they began receiving incident reports involving baby bassinets and cradles. Tragically, 132 of these reports, between November 2007 and March 2013, ended fatally, which prompted the agency to take a call to action on the problem.

California motorcycle accident claims biker's life

Whenever a California biker heads out onto the open road, he or she is at risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident. That's why it's critical that all bikers and their passengers wear protective gear. However, sometimes the collision of a motorcycle accident is so severe that the rider is simply unable to sustain the injuries suffered, no matter what vigilant measures he or she has taken.

NTSB investigates potential brake problem with Hyundai Genesis

Several consumers across the country have come across an alarming problem with new Hyundai Genesis cars that could put themselves and other motorists in dangerous situations in the upcoming months. According to at least 23 reports already issued to the National Transportation Safety Board, consumers are finding that the vehicle’s brakes suddenly become less effective or stop working altogether. In several cases, consumers have been behind the wheel of the vehicle when the failure occurred, resulting in a number of crashes and one woman even losing control of her vehicle.

Despite government shutdown, USDA handling salmonella scare

Back on July 1, the Centers for Disease Control alerted the USDA's Food and Safety Inspection Service to a growing number of salmonella cases across the United States. At that time, 18 people had become sick across four states with the food-borne illness and the agency feared more were soon to follow. After pegging Foster Farms as the possible link between the cases, the FSIS began site sampling at facilities on September 9. But determining the source of the contamination would take time.

Fatal California motorcycle accident attributed to wood pallet

Several accidents around the country and in California are caused by some sort of debris on the roadway. For example, a recent motorcycle accident appears to have been caused by a wood pallet on the southbound side of the 101 Freeway. The motorcycle rider ended up dying from the injuries he sustained in the crash.

New children's toy recall soon to be Halloween's biggest scare

Be Amazing! Toys has once again found itself at the center of a huge recall after realizing that one of its products could pose a safety risk to children across the nation. Parents may remember a July recall which we reported on involving water-absorbing polymer balls that, if ingested, could expand in a child’s intestine and potentially cause injury. Once again, the company has issued another recall just in time to scare parents for Halloween.

E-cigarette danger prompts FDA to push for regulations

By now, nearly everyone across the nation has heard about the horrifying accident involving a 3-year-old boy and an exploding e-cigarette that caused him to suffer second- and third-degree burns on his body. It’s because of this and other safety concerns that the Food and Drug Administration is increasing their efforts to regulate these potentially dangerous products before anyone else get hurts.

Charges are likely after fatal California car accident

Reckless drivers can be a dangerous threat to the safety of other motorists and pedestrians within their vicinity. Even the safest of California drivers may not be able to avoid an accident when sharing the same highway with an individual who is speeding or driving carelessly. Many serious injuries such as broken bones and spinal and back injuries can occur as the result of a car accident.

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