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Woman who fell out of LAPD cruiser files suit

To Serve and Protect are slogans that emphasize the Los Angeles Police Department. But the "protect" part of that slogan didn't go as planned for a woman who, after being arrested, fell out of a moving patrol car, an incident for which she now plans to sue on many fronts including personal injury.

For the woman, the suit is more than justified after the department's alleged negligence in securing her, caused her fall from the patrol car, resulting in multiple injuries.

The injured party states that she suffered serious head and facial injuries and spent six days in a coma after the incident. What remains unclear, however, is whether or not the victim fell or jumped from the back seat of the squad car. Regardless, what seems to be the case is the fact the officers did not properly secure the woman.

"I woke up with my mouth wired shut. I had bruises all over," she reported.

On the night of the March 27 incident, the 28-year-old woman had gone out to dinner with friends in Koreatown and later to a club.

"She had been drinking and didn't want to drive home," said the plaintiff's attorney. "She and two other friends waited for the designated driver to come back."

The victim goes on to state that she was walking to a nearby coffee shop when two LAPD officers pulled up and arrested her for public intoxication.

Surveillance video from the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown shows the young lady being carried by the squad car as it crosses through the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Grand Avenue. A moment later, a second squad car turned left at the intersection and followed the first.

Not long after that, the video shows the woman lying injured on the street.

The victim's attorney has repeatedly questioned the statement the involved officers gave to paramedics at the scene, that when they accelerated from a stop, they heard the door open and that their captor had presumably jumped or fallen from the patrol car.

"The video shows that the statement that the police officers gave the paramedics is an unabashed, unequivocal lie," the injured party's attorney said.

While the woman says she doesn't remember every detail of what happened that night, the LAPD has released no official comment on the case.

ABC7 News, "Woman sues LAPD after falling out of patrol car" Amy Powell, Sep. 02, 2013

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