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September 2013 Archives

Motorcycle accident claims the life of California man

All it takes is a moment of distraction or negligence while driving for a life to be lost on the roadways. When a driver fails to see an on-coming vehicle, especially a small vehicle like a motorcycle, a collision is almost certain to occur. Because cyclists have limited protection, a motorcycle accident can lead to catastrophic results that can affect many more people than just those directly involved.

There's an app for that: FDA sets new regulations on medical apps

With the smartphone generation upon us, it seems like there’s an app for everything. From easy ordering at your local pizza place to turning on your alarm system even though you’re miles away, mobile-software companies seem to have found a solution for just about all of society’s woes.

Defective airbag sensor may put children at risk for injuries

Many parents go through painstaking efforts to ensure their children are safe while riding in the family vehicle. From making sure that their kids use car seats until they met the appropriate age or size requirements to ensuring that airbags won't deploy on children who don't meet weight restrictions, there's a lot to be concerned about. However, parents may feel helpless when their child sustains serious injuries for reasons outside their control.

Wrongful death case arises from woman's death in city park

Once again the impatience of a driver to get from point A to point B has caused a tragic death. The death of a 35-year-old California woman had residents and city officials in San Francisco shocked and angry. A city parks employee ran the woman over with a city pickup truck while she sat in a grassy area of Holly Park in Bernal Heights with her 11-month-old baby and her dog, who were both uninjured. The woman's estate may assert a wrongful death claim for damages against the city.

Car accident victims paid millions by state of California

It is expected for motorists to use their best judgment while driving. It's usually even more expected when employees that work for the state are behind the wheel. There have been cases where California state employees have been involved in a car accident. The state has reached multiple million dollar settlements with victims and their families.

Woman who fell out of LAPD cruiser files suit

To Serve and Protect are slogans that emphasize the Los Angeles Police Department. But the "protect" part of that slogan didn't go as planned for a woman who, after being arrested, fell out of a moving patrol car, an incident for which she now plans to sue on many fronts including personal injury.

Is the USDA's pilot program in pork plants putting you in danger?

In 1997, the U.S. Department of Agriculture launched a pilot program that allowed five large hog plants to speed up line productions and use company employees as inspectors instead of government personnel. It was thought that the pilot would be largely successful and would reduce the price of pork products in the market. Unfortunately, an overview look at the study shows that there are more problems with the new system than could be anticipated.

California crosswalk accident leaves teen dead -- wrongful death?

When you're a pedestrian, you know it's important to be careful when crossing the street at an unmarked crosswalk area. However, if you're in California, you know that any driver is expected to yield to you, regardless of whether the crosswalk is clearly noted. This doesn't always happen, though, and can lead to wrongful death. In fact, this is exactly what happened to one teen who stepped into the street and became a victim of what was arguably a wrongful death.

Potential choking hazard forces Build-A-Bear to make recall

When it comes to our children’s toys, we often assume that they have been tested to make sure that they are safe. Sometimes, the thought that a toy is unsafe never even crosses our minds. This is especially true when it comes to stuffed animals or plush toys. In most cases, who would think that something plush and soft could be harmful?

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