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Three Los Angeles hit-and-run fatalities in 24 hours

It seems as if Los Angeles' pedestrians have lately been under siege by a spate of hit-and-run motorists, who have caused not just fear and anxiety in those who walk in the city, but personal injury and in nearly every case, wrongful deaths.

Just recently in separate incidents, three pedestrians have been struck and killed in hit-and-run crashes, two of which occurred on Ventura Boulevard in the Studio City area of the San Fernando Valley, and one in south Los Angeles. Two of these incidents occurred late Saturday night, while the third occurred early Sunday morning.

The first victim was a Santa Monica man, who, as he crossed Ventura Boulevard east of Fairway Avenue in Studio City, was hit late Saturday night, the Los Angeles County coroner's office stated. That man died at the scene of the collision.

Los Angeles Police maintained that they are still searching for the driver, who is believed to be in a white Mercedes CLS with black paper license plates that say "Encino" in yellow writing. According to the LAPD, the vehicle has sustained major front-end damage.

In the second incident, a young woman was fatally struck in south Los Angeles when a dark-colored Ford Taurus collided with her in a crosswalk, then sped away.

The third hit-and-run involved a 23-year-old man in Studio City, who died after being stuck while getting into his Ford Focus. The hit-and-run vehicle also plowed into the man's open door near a valet stand.

This occurred on Ventura Boulevard west of Kester Avenue early Sunday morning. The man died at a hospital Sunday afternoon.

Police in this incident are seeking information about the driver of a newer-model silver Hyundai sedan.

Although many variables can possibly explain the increase in hit-and-run crashes in Los Angeles, residents of the city suggest that they are common, particularly at night.

In many cases, street racing is involved, as well as inattentiveness to driving in general. Whatever the situation, and even with increased media coverage of hit-and-runs, those who live near long, wide boulevards maintain the issues that go along with reckless driving on Los Angeles streets have been long and pronounced.

Criminal courts cannot help in obtaining financial restitution in cases like this. To obtain compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, income loss and any emotional damage, a wrongful death/personal injury attorney is needed.

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