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Recent infant death renews concerns about laundry packs

The danger associated with single-use laundry packs is something frequent readers of our blog know a lot about, especially after reading one of our February posts which alerted California residents to the potential danger these soap pods posed to small children. This month, those concerns were renewed when a 7-month-old child died in Florida hospital after ingesting one of these dangerous household products.

Although the case is still under investigation, reports indicate that the child died August 9 after consuming a laundry detergent pack. The mother and child were said to be in a battered women’s shelter at the time of the accident though no charges appear to have been filed against the property owner or the mother at this time.

As readers of our blog know, thousands of children are made ill every year because of this dangerous household product. The bright colors make them look like candy and are incredibly tempting to small child who may not know any better. While a large number of these cases only result in sickness, there is still the potential choking hazard these products create. Police are not sure if the detergent itself was the cause of death or if choking was a factor. A medical examiner is currently trying to determine the cause of death at this time.

While it’s unknown in this case, parents whose children are injured or killed because of these harmful products may want to seek compensation from manufacturers. In situations such as this, legal representation is considered to be the best course because a skilled attorney will not only know what laws apply in your specific situation but can help you argue your complaint effectively in a court of law.

Source: CNN News, "Baby dies after ingesting laundry detergent pod," Dorrine Mendoza, Aug. 16, 2013

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