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Boastful teen charged with murder after auto accident

It was a harsh lesson learned after a Northern California teen was charged with murder after he boasted on social media about an auto accident in which he killed a 58-year-old female cyclist.

But that's the "live fast, go to jail" fate for the Pleasanton, Calif., resident who bragged about the incident on Twitter. Had the 18-year-old not done so, his charges would have remained in the wrongful death category of vehicular manslaughter.

According to authorities, the teen allegedly struck and killed the victim while traveling at approximately 83 mph in a 40 mph zone. The victim's husband, who was bicycle riding with her at the time, was also struck, but suffered only a broken arm.

Authorities close to the case state the 18-year-old would boast about driving at speeds up to 140 mph, and encourage others to "come on a death ride with me." The teen is currently held without bond in the death of the victim, who is from Dublin, Calif.

The accident occurred at approximately 1 p.m. on June 9, in which the teen lost control of his speeding car and collided with the deceased victim. Those close to the case say authorities raised the charges after looking at the teen's driving record and then reading his Twitter posts.

To pursue second-degree murder, it must be proved by the prosecution that the teen driver intentionally engaged in an illegal act without regard to human life. The teen was additionally charged with reckless driving.

In later developments, police also arrested the teen's father, once it was found the 43-year-old man possessed two illegal rifles and a stockpile of ammunition in the home he shares with his son. This occurred after officers went to the address to serve a search warrant in connection with the fatal crash.

In a driving-related incident, whether it be a non life-threatening personal injury, onward to manslaughter, or even in this case, murder, the end result of a potential prison sentence can be catastrophic to all parties involved. If you have been involved in an incident of this caliber, be certain to obtain the best legal advice possible for a vehicular manslaughter or murder charge.

Daily News, "California teen's tweets about speeding rev up manslaughter charges to murder" Michael Walsh, Aug. 19, 2013

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