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August 2013 Archives

California car accident fatal for 2 victims

Two people are dead and a further two are seriously injured following a fatal crash in the Santa Maria Valley on Aug. 29. California Highway Patrol reports are incomplete as of this writing, but it appears the car accident involved a car and a fork lift. The investigation is ongoing, and no charges have yet been filed in connection with this case.

Cookie dough recall sparks concern for people with nut allergies

Both adults and children in California are being warned of a potential safety concern involving cookie dough this month after ConAgra Foods and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a recall for Kroger’s 16-ounce Break n’Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The dough was shipped to stores in 26 states, including here in California and could present a problem for people who have nut allergies.

California police cleared scene of recent deadly car accident

Police will often need to close off a section of road in order to perform their investigative duties into a car accident. While the road is closed, police will measure any skid marks, review the resting position of the cars, as well as record numerous other pieces of evidence in order to figure out exactly what happened. In a recent fatal car accident at a California intersection, police have just reopened the road after they cleared the scene.

Recent infant death renews concerns about laundry packs

The danger associated with single-use laundry packs is something frequent readers of our blog know a lot about, especially after reading one of our February posts which alerted California residents to the potential danger these soap pods posed to small children. This month, those concerns were renewed when a 7-month-old child died in Florida hospital after ingesting one of these dangerous household products.

Suspect in Venice rampage pleads not guilty

The Colorado transient who allegedly mowed down dozens and killed one person in a deadly Venice Beach rampage, pleaded not guilty to assault charges. The defendant was charged with one count of murder, 16 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and 17 counts of hit-and-run, according to the deputy district attorney. Included with the charges is special allegation of using a car as a deadly weapon. The defendant is accused of running down crowds of people on the boardwalk, killing a woman and injuring 11 other people. He later turned himself in to a local police station.

Parents of injured boy push for design-defect lawsuit

Hearing stories about people getting injured because of design defects is never easy, especially when those victims are children. For readers here in California, it doesn't matter what state the design defect occurred, only that the victim's receive compensation for any injuries it may have caused them. This will likely be the feeling now among our readers after they read about the recent case out of New Jersey this month.

Elderly woman killed in Los Angeles truck accident

Understandably, a truck accident can have devastating consequences. The sheer weight and size of these often massive vehicles is no match for pedestrians and even the occupants of smaller vehicles. Recently, an elderly woman lost her life in a horrific truck accident in the Lincoln Heights section of Los Angeles.

Driver kills one, injures 10 in Venice beach tragedy

According to witnesses, the driver of the car that swerved into multiple pedestrians on the Venice boardwalk was "moving purposely." One person was killed and at least 10 others injured when a man drove his car past five concrete barriers and onto the crowded boardwalk.

Exact cause of cyclospora outbreak still unknown

Readers of this blog are urged to keep their eyes on this news this month for answers about the outbreak of cyclospora breaking out across the United States. More than 400 people have already become sickened by the food-borne illness across 16 states. While investigators from the Food and Drug Administration had determined that some of the cases were a result of eating contaminated salad mixes served at Olive Gardens and Red Lobster in Iowa and Nebraska, the causes in other states have not been determined.

Can new rules, technology decrease football concussion injuries?

With the NFL and NCAA both facing concussion lawsuits from former players, player safety is a popular topic among football leagues, teams and coaches this year. The NFL, for example, has made new rules that many players and fans may not like: Players must wear more pads than ever before. Furthermore, running backs will face penalties for leading with their helmets. College football players will face similar changes. Players may be ejected from the game if they aim at another player's neck or head with an intent to injure the other player.

Spain train crash may have been caused by distracted driving

According to crash investigators in Spain, the conductor involved in the catastrophic Spain train derailment was talking on his cell phone when he received at least one of the reduce speed warnings he allegedly ignored. The conductor is now facing negligent homicide charges for ignoring three reduce speed warnings in the two minutes before the train sped too quickly around a curve - 121 mph in a 50 mph speed zone - and derailed. The derailment killed 79 people and injured many more.

Los Angeles motor vehicle accident causes fatality and damages

While motor vehicle accidents occur everywhere, the streets of Los Angeles can be particularly dangerous due to the vast number of drivers in the area. Serious injuries and even fatalities are a possibility when a motor vehicle accident occurs. This was the unfortunate case for a number of people involved in a recent collision involving multiple vehicles and pedestrians.

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