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New report discovers safety risk in collapsable hampers

Popular among college students and people with small dwellings, pop-up hampers have become a common-place item in many households.  But while effective at saving you space, because of their collapsible nature, these products could pose a safety risk if the integrity of the hamper is compromised.

According to a recent report issued by a clinical ophthalmologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Medicine, the metal wiring in the baskets can rip through the fabric and poke children in the eyes.  Researchers have already documented two instances involving children at this time where the victims suffered serious eye lacerations because of the dangerous product.

According to the researchers, the product is mostly a safety risk if the integrity is compromised.  Parents with small children should frequently check to see if the fabric surrounding the wire is intact.  Any fraying can cause the wire to pop out.  Often, the end of the wire is sharp and can cause serious injury to anyone who comes into contact with it.  The researchers also noted that because of the wire’s design, it can spring out of the fabric with enough force to cause even more harm, especially to an unsuspecting individual.

Although no recalls have been made at this time by any manufacturers of these collapsible hampers, researchers and doctors across the nation—including here in California—are urging parents to consider the risk these hampers pose to their children and take the necessary steps to avoid a potential injury in the future.

Source: Health Day, “Collapsible Laundry Hampers May Pose Risk to Kids' Eyes,” Dennia Thompson, July 1, 2013

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