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California woman suffered serious injuries after hit and run

A woman with a bright future ahead of her is now trying to rebuild her life after she was run down and left with life threatening injuries. The victim was struck in an intersection along with a fellow pedestrian and suffered serious injuries. She injured her brain, spine, pelvis and leg. The California resident was also a university student, majoring in neuroscience research.

This woman surely sought to have a positive impact in neuroscience medicine, and she now receives treatment and therapy for her own traumatic brain injury. Instead of living in a college dorm and dealing with assignments and finals, she has to re-learn how to do everything that most take for granted. This includes sitting, standing and walking. She is reportedly not embittered by her horrendous experience, but she does seek closure.

The driver who allegedly left this woman to die has not yet been found. He or she is also wanted for hitting another person that evening, though that person was not injured so severely. Parts of the car were left in the roadway after the hit and run, and the police are trying to track the driver based on the maker of the parts found. The victim's friends are trying to provide assistance to find the driver and raise money for the woman's mounting medical expenses.

This woman has suffered catastrophic injuries due to this collision. Not only has she endured the pain and suffering that typically accompanies these serious injuries, but she may have to deal with the loss of her professional goals as well. Anyone who is a victim of such traumatic injuries due to an accident caused by the negligence of others has additional burdens as well. The costs of medical care and rehabilitation, lost wages and potential earnings all add to the tragedy of an accident. Anyone in California who finds themselves or a loved one in these difficult circumstances may seek monetary reimbursement in the form of a civil suit that seeks to establish another party negligently caused the damages sustained.

Source:, "Berkeley hit and run victim: 'I would just like to look him or her in the eyes.'," Doug Oakley, July 10, 2013

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