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July 2013 Archives

Study: Falling Television Set Accidents More Common Than Ever

Televisions are not as sturdy as they used to be. Add that to the fact that the number of households with more than one TV has increased dramatically in the last few decades and you have a recipe for disaster that many parents do not think about: Injuries to children caused by falling television sets.

Large flatbed causes truck accident by hitting oncoming car

When a large flat-bed truck towing a trailer crosses the center line and is about to hit your vehicle head-on, there's not much left to do. Unfortunately, a similar truck accident happened in California recently on Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County near Dos Pueblos Canyon. A large flatbed truck hauling a trailer was headed north when it crossed the center divider and collided with a vehicle going southbound.

Sears recalls more dehumidifiers because of safety risk

Sears is once again recalling certain models of dehumidifiers after receiving reports of units short circuiting and starting fires. As many residents here in California may remember, the company issued a similar recall last year after receiving more than 100 reports of problems with the defective product.

Consumer Advocates: Increase Medical Malpractice Noneconomic Damage Cap

Thirty-eight years ago, the California Legislature passed a medical malpractice law that capped noneconomic damages at $250,000. With inflation, that's equal to more than one million dollars today. Yet, legislation rarely takes inflation into account, which means today's victims of medical malpractice are also victims of the law.

Airplane Accident Victims May Receive Drastically Different Injury Awards

If you are injured in a mass-injury accident, such as a plane crash, and your injuries are very similar to another passenger's injuries, shouldn't you recover the same amount of compensation as that passenger? That would be logical, perhaps, but it is not how our legal system works, especially if the accident involves international travel.

California woman suffered serious injuries after hit and run

A woman with a bright future ahead of her is now trying to rebuild her life after she was run down and left with life threatening injuries. The victim was struck in an intersection along with a fellow pedestrian and suffered serious injuries. She injured her brain, spine, pelvis and leg. The California resident was also a university student, majoring in neuroscience research.

FDA discovery of arsenic worries apple juice drinkers nationwide

Residents across the state of California probably were just as shocked as we were when the Food and Drug Administration's proposed that the inorganic arsenic levels allowed in apple juice be lowered to those allowed in drinking water. While not shocking that the allowable levels should be lowered, the real concern lies in the fact that arsenic levels are present in this product at all.

Worker Dies After Falling Into Trench In Westwood

This morning, a man died after falling into a 20-foot-deep trench in Westwood. The Los Angeles Fire Department said that the victim likely died during the fall and may have suffered electric shock, though the actual cause of death will be determined by the Coroner's Office. The victim may have been a worker for a private plumbing company.

NTSB: Postpone Blame For Asiana Airplane Accident In San Francisco

The National Transportation Safety Board has asked everyone to postpone blame for the Asiana airplane accident at the San Francisco International Airport until they have concluded their investigation. Two people were killed and 182 injured in the plane landing accident.

DUI, murder charges filed after California motor vehicle accident

It can be tragic enough for California families to lose loved ones in a car crash that involves alcohol. Finding out that the alleged drunk driver has an existing record of drunk driving can prove to be even more devastating. Any time that a motor vehicle accident could have been avoided -- such as when a drunk driver is reportedly involved -- that only seems to compound the tragedy for both relatives and the community at large. This may have been the case in one recent collision that left three relatives dead.

Further recalls made in the hepatitis A contamination case

By the time we first reported on the hepatitis A contamination of the Townsend Farms-brand frozen berry mix the defective product had already been linked to 34 cases.  Thought to have been because of contaminated pomegranate seeds from the Middle East, the food-safety recall soon sparked several lawsuits, which we reported on earlier last month.

Fourth Of July Safety Tips: Fireworks, Food, Boating, Driving

When our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, they could not have imagined the vast Independence Day celebrations their signatures would create hundreds of years later. We celebrate our freedom with friends and family by attending parades and carnivals, hosting backyard barbecues, getting out on the lake and enjoying firework displays.

Rider dies in California hit-and-run motorcycle accident

A fatal hit-and-run accident can leave California families struggling with the emotions and financial hardships that can come from unexpectedly losing a loved one, not to mention the fact that the alleged perpetrator attempted to flee justice. One recent hit-and-run motorcycle accident left a 57-year-old man riding a Harley Davidson dead. The driver of the pickup truck believed to have fatally struck the man did not stop to render aid or speak with authorities.

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