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Wrigely pulls caffeinated gum because of health concerns

It seems like every where you turn there is a new caffeinated product on the market. From the energy shots touted by celebrities in Hollywood to caffeinated gummy bears sold in geek stores accross the nation, some California residents may be asking themselves when this trend will end. There is a real concern among parents that as the genre of caffeinated consumables continues to spread, teens and even children may get their hands on products that could have serious side effects on their health.

This is definitely a concern this month after the Wm. Wrigely Jr. Company announced the release of Alert, a new caffeinated gum. Concerns from consumers and even the Food and Drug Administration have been hard to ignore, and recently Wrigley announced that it would be temporarily pulling the product off the market until the FDA can determine whether the product is unsafe for children and teens.

It's been highly debated among health experts what affect caffeine has on children and adolescents.  This comes as no surprise to readers of our blog who know about the numerous deaths that have occurred as a result teens consuming too many caffeinated beverages.

While the company stresses that it's product only contains half of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee, it recognizes the concern the FDA has for consumers and respects the agency's decision to do further research before truly giving its stamp of approval on the product.  Many parents across the nation are happy for the move because the marketing for certain caffeinated products is geared towards younger and younger generations.  

Promotions through social media campaigns coupled with colorful packaging aren't helping the situation either.  Some doctors are finding early development of neurological and cardiovascular problems in young adults and teens.  And with caffeine being added to items such as candy, which is attractive to children, some worry that more harmful health effects in younger generations down the road.

Source: Idaho State Journal,  "Wrigley takes new caffeinated gum off market," The Associated Press, May 9, 2013

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