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Smoked salmon products recalled because of listeria contamination

After reading several posts about the subject, readers of our blog are well aware of the dangers associated with Listeria. In March, we warned our readers about the Formaggio-brand Artisan Wraps sold at Costco warehouses that tested positive for Listeria. Before that, in September, several batches of ricotta cheese from the Fresolina brand were also recalled for the same reasons. Now, a recall on several dozen smoked salmon products sold in California has residents once again worrying about how safe their food really is.

In an announcement made just days ago, the Food and Drug Administration discovered that several frozen and fresh smoked salmon products had been contaminated by Listeria monocytogenes prior to their distribution to consumers in 11 states. In an effort to protect consumers and assume liability for the product, Salmolux, the company where the contamination took place, has agreed to issue a recall on the defective fish.

Both branded and unbranded products were sold to retailers and food service institutions in states across the nation, including here in California. The Listeria contamination is believed to be contained to just salmon products packaged at one of the Salmolux facilities, though its exact location has not been released to the public at this time.

This isn't the first fish manufacturer to have fallen under the scrutiny of the FDA recently. In fact, just weeks ago the FDA filed an injunction against New York City Fish, Inc. for ignoring previous FDA warnings to follow federal food-safety laws. Products from this company have also tested positive for Listeria bacteria as well as other food-borne illnesses that can be incredibly harmful if consumed.

Although it does not appear that anyone has been affected by this most recent wave of Listeria-contaminated fish, the chances of it still causing consumers harm is still high. The hope is that this warning has come in time to prevent consumers from getting sick because of these products.

Source: Food Product Design, "Listeria Prompts Recall of Smoked Salmon Products," May 28, 2013

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