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Pucker Up: Study Warns Of Toxic Metals In Lipstick Products

According to new research, millions of Americans may be ingesting dangerous concentrations of toxic metal every day. Researchers are concerned that chemical materials like lead, cadmium and chromium appear in numerous solid lipstick and lip gloss products. This study reviewed 32 of the most popular products in these categories - and the authors now say that the federal Food and Drug Administration needs to follow-up.

The average lipstick wearer applies lipstick more than twice every day. Because of the proximity between lips and mouth, this average user would accidently ingest around 24 milligrams of lipstick material on a daily basis. On the high end of the scale, some lipstick users more than ten times per day - ingesting as much as 83 milligrams. 

It is neither a secret nor a surprise that lipstick contains metals like chromium and aluminum - the development from this research is the amount that women are ingesting. One problem may be that many users do not blot excess lipstick after applying. Regardless, this research probably shows that lipstick is more of a dangerous product than we expected.

There may be a strong case for more action by the FDA. For example, the European Union does not allow these metals in any cosmetic products, specifically because of health concerns involving tumors and other cancers.

Source: USA Today, "Lipstick study opens up concerns about carcinogen," Wendy Koch, May 2, 2013 

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