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May 2013 Archives

Smoked salmon products recalled because of listeria contamination

After reading several posts about the subject, readers of our blog are well aware of the dangers associated with Listeria. In March, we warned our readers about the Formaggio-brand Artisan Wraps sold at Costco warehouses that tested positive for Listeria. Before that, in September, several batches of ricotta cheese from the Fresolina brand were also recalled for the same reasons. Now, a recall on several dozen smoked salmon products sold in California has residents once again worrying about how safe their food really is.

Man pleads to killing girlfriend, son in California car accident

A fatal car accident can forever alter the lives of those who are left behind to mourn the loss of loved ones. Not only must they learn how to live without a beloved relative who has unexpectedly died in a car accident, but they are often also left struggling to pay any of the final expenses that may be associated with that loss. This is one reason why some surviving relatives choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit after a fatal California car crash.

Distracted Trucking: New Device Could Prevent Crashes

Distracted driving poses a significant danger in many different contexts. One area in which the consequences of a moment's distraction are especially severe is the trucking industry. Truckers spend most of their time on the road and, for many, the temptation to pass the time by texting or surfing the web is too strong.

Robotic Malpractice? Groundbreaking Trial Confronts New Tech

In a case that could have broad repercussions throughout the medical industry, the first trial involving Intuitive Surgical Inc.'s robotic surgery system is wrapping up this week. The lawsuit could wind up forcing Intuitive Surgical to change its product to ensure that is safe enough for use in hospitals in California and around the nation.

America's Cup training in California results in wrongful death?

Many California residents enjoy recreational activities like boating and racing on the open water. Few people expect these events to become deadly, but a recent practice run of a sailboat preparing for the America's Cup led to the death of a 36-year-old sailor. The potential wrongful death occurred after the Artemis Racing sailboat capsized and the man was pinned beneath the boat's wreckage. Reports indicate that the America's Cup leader plans to allow the preeminent race of the sailing world to go on as scheduled.

Formaldehyde discovered in children's clothing

When most California residents think of the word formaldehyde, the image of a funeral home usually comes to mind. Usually associated with the embalming process, few parents know that this chemicals is actually being used in children's clothing and other products without their knowledge. Even more concerning is that the United States doesn't even have regulations against it.

Drunk Driving and Traffic Safety: NTSB Proposes New Limit

Drunk driving has been the center of an enormous amount of advocacy and policy research for decades. Despite all of this work, drunk driving is still one of the primary causes of fatal car accidents in California and the rest of the nation. Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board announced a new proposal that it hopes could help prevent hundreds of these crashes every year: a new standard for drunk driving.

Authorities Begin Investigating Connecticut Train Crash

A commuter train crash sent around 70 people to the hospital Friday evening after two trains somehow collided during rush hour. Both of the trains were fully loaded with passengers. None of these passengers died in the crash but many suffered serious and even critical injuries.

Wrigely pulls caffeinated gum because of health concerns

It seems like every where you turn there is a new caffeinated product on the market. From the energy shots touted by celebrities in Hollywood to caffeinated gummy bears sold in geek stores accross the nation, some California residents may be asking themselves when this trend will end. There is a real concern among parents that as the genre of caffeinated consumables continues to spread, teens and even children may get their hands on products that could have serious side effects on their health.

California truck accident leaves 18-year-old dead, 1 injured

California authorities are still investigating a fatal collision between a tractor-trailer and a much smaller Toyota Tundra that took place in late April. The truck accident resulted in deadly injuries to the 18-year-old passenger of the Tundra. Additionally, the 18-year-old driver suffered what were described as major injuries, and the truck driver received a laceration on one of his hands.

Crash Statistics May Not Accurately Capture Cell Phone Problems

One increasingly common cause of car crashes in California and around the nation is phone-related distracted driving. It seems that hardly a month goes by without another study reporting an even higher rate of phone users who admit to texting and driving or using their phones for other distraction-related activities.

Pucker Up: Study Warns Of Toxic Metals In Lipstick Products

According to new research, millions of Americans may be ingesting dangerous concentrations of toxic metal every day. Researchers are concerned that chemical materials like lead, cadmium and chromium appear in numerous solid lipstick and lip gloss products. This study reviewed 32 of the most popular products in these categories - and the authors now say that the federal Food and Drug Administration needs to follow-up.

Two frozen pizza brands recalled after plastic fragments found

DiGiorno and California Pizza Kitchen are recalling several thousand pizzas after small plastic fragments were discovered in many of the pizzas. Although Nestle USA, who currently owns both of the frozen pizza manufacturers, claims that no one has reported any injuries or deaths after having consumed the products, the company isn’t taking any chances and has issued the immediate recall of four different types of the pizza.

Man dies, 2 women injured in California motor vehicle accident

For most California residents, car accidents are completely unexpected and can lead to life-altering consequences. One recent California motor vehicle accident actually ended the life of an 18-year-old man and left the 25-year-old female driver of his vehicle seriously injured. A second passenger, an 18-year-old woman, suffered less serious injuries that had her listed as being in fair condition.

Accidents in South Los Angeles May Be Linked to Drive-By Shooting

On Tuesday night, two chain reaction crashes on Manchester Ave. and Broadway in South Los Angeles killed one man and injured three others. Police believe that the accidents may be connected to a drive-by shooting that occurred shortly before the accident. One motorist involved in the accident left the scene of the accident -- his or her silver Pontiac hit a Saturn, killing the driver.

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